Sonance Speakers

Sonance speakers are at the forefront of the industry when it comes to both sound quality and design. Their vast lines of product are able to create beautiful solutions for any residential environment. Sonance introduced the concept of sound systems into homes (as opposed to a left and right speaker) to enrich your space with a fuller, more balanced sound. As shown below, Sonance speaker systems are designed to provide 100% coverage throughout your home. This approach allows you to play music at a lower volume while exceeding the coverage and sound quality of the traditional approach.

Invisible Series

The Invisible Series line from Sonance offers a high performance speaker combined with the ultimate speaker look: nothing. The invisible speakers are made to mount on a wall or ceiling behind drywall with paint or covered with wallpaper. There are a variety of Invisible Series models to accommodate for just about any application and environment.

Landscape Series

The Sonance Landscape Series was designed to be as discreet as possible while still delivering a rich sound throughout your outdoor space. There are a few different systems to choose from which can accommodate anything from your patio to your sprawling, multi-acre estate.

DOS: Discreet Opening System

This series from Sonance was engineered with the designer in mind. The sleek 4-inch speakers come with either a round or square grill to mimic the exact size and shape of modern in-ceiling can lights, while still outputting the same full-body sound that Sonance is known for.
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