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on 06.28.21

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When designing your outdoor spaces, audio-visual components can take patios, lawns, and landscaping from “good” to “world-class.” Whether for your home, your business, or an event, high-quality AV solutions go a long way in creating the ambiance you want. Discover the outdoor media options available from AVDG, for work or for play.

premium outdoor audio

A custom outdoor music system creates an inviting gathering space. Backyards, outdoor dining areas, and patio spaces can all benefit from an expertly designed solution.

With a state-of-the-art outdoor speaker system, anyone listening enjoys the best-quality sound. When engineered properly, it creates balance and a desirable volume in all the right spaces. Speakers can be discreetly installed within landscaping and structures so that you never see them. They can also be fully integrated with an indoor sound system, so you can seamlessly go in and out without missing a beat.

weather-proof outdoor theater

Not only can you enjoy premium audio solutions in your outdoor spaces, but you can have a world-class outdoor theater too. This is ideal for home entertainment in pleasant weather, as well as for outdoor seating areas in restaurants and sports bars.

Outdoor screens can be tricky because of lighting and other natural elements. But with the right design, smart lighting, and the right technology, an outdoor video display is vibrant whenever you want to use it. A permanent fixture can be easily concealed when you’re not using it, and simple to activate when you’re ready to enjoy it.

portable presentations

There are some commercial applications for portable audio visual systems, such as at outdoor events and conventions or on college campuses. Some of the key features to engaging presentations include crystal-clear audio no matter where a person is located and video that is easy to see in varying light conditions. At AVDG, our portable A/V systems are simple to set up, control, and tear down, without sacrificing quality.

customized aesthetics

Technology solutions should add to the aesthetics of a space, not detract from it. This applies indoors and outdoors. Our skilled designers consider the whole design of your outdoor space when customizing AV solutions. Speakers, screens, and cords can be hidden within the landscaping and structures on the property. Those components that are visible are seamlessly integrated into the existing aesthetic.

weather resistance

Light, wind, moisture, and dirt can be damaging to equipment if it’s not the right kind or not installed correctly. Outdoor media solutions can be designed with these elements in mind—not only to prevent damage, but to adjust to the conditions when necessary and still operate at maximum performance.

When you partner with us, our designers, engineers, and technicians help you bring your vision for outdoor media to life—uniquely suited for your needs, budget, and tastes.

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