digital communication is more vital than ever before - how we're helping our clients adapt

Brian Krisko is the General Manager for AVDG West. Brian has more than 20 years’ experience in the audiovisual industry. Brian has held leadership positions in sales, operations, and service. His experience has given him a profound understanding of technology best served for business. Brian Krisko embodies what we plan for our talent having worked his way up from an installer, and every role in between leading to becoming a Vice President and now a GM for AVDG. Prior to becoming a GM for AVDG Brian has held positions for Best Buy in the commercial B2B division.

Brian has shared and executed his vision for growth while balancing the responsibility of managing budgets and P&Ls. Brian is accustomed to successfully juggling multiple projects and has an excellent track of building new business, forging strong relationships with clients, developing partnerships, and increasing company revenue through innovative and creative strategies. He believes that the major contributor to successfully leading growth is his talent as a persuasive communicator. Brian is someone who can speak to clients in terms they can understand and appreciate the case for the brand he represents. Furthermore, he brings an extensive network and knowledge of consumer electronics and trends that will make a valuable contribution towards your department’s goals of building an audience and growing the brands.