1k fulton

project details

Chicago, IL



1k fulton is a chicago office and retail complex that has been transformed from a cold storage facility into a state-of-the-art LEED gold core + shell, LEED platinum EBOM, and energy star rated building. In addition to its environmental credentials, it offers first-class amenities to its tenants, including restaurant and retailers, on-site fitness center, on-site banking, and more.
1k Fulton entrance

better video system

AVDG worked with the property developers to relocate, upgrade, and reinstall the video wall in the building lobby. The project included:

  • Removing existing video wall and mount
  • Wrapping and storing the video wall and mounts in an on-site location
  • Pulling a new cable in conduit (installed by 3rd party) and reinstalling upon completion of construction

project scale

Planar LCD displays, system control equipment, system control software.