project details

San Francisco, CA



This project featured a wide range of audio-visual, conferencing and technology integrations for Autodesk – global leader in design, AutoCAD, and 3D imaging software for architecture, engineering, construction, design, manufacturing, and entertainment industries.

As Autodesk prepared to relocate its San Francisco office, AVDG was contracted to design, engineer, and install all technology integrations across the company’s 4 new floors of commercial office space. Using direct input from Autodesk’s employees, AVDG outfitted the space with a range of solutions for Autodesk’s conference rooms, shared spaces, and reception areas.

Here are some of the innovative solutions that were designed for this project.

large conference rooms

AVDG outfitted 12 large and extra-large conference rooms with a range of solutions for enhanced audio conferencing, video conferencing, and presentation. The spaces were equipped with 86″ or 98″ wall-mounted Samsung displays, depending on the room size. Conferencing peripherals included Aver PTZ cameras mounted below the displays and ceiling-mounted Shure MXA910 microphones and speakers for audio. The technologies are easily controlled via iPads located on the conference tables.

video conferencing systems

Conferencing and A/V systems were also installed across three types of small and medium conference rooms, totaling 69 spaces altogether. Depending on the size, these rooms were equipped with 55-60″ or dual 65-70″ wall-mounted Samsung displays. Conferencing peripherals included AVer and Logitech cameras mounted below the displays, as well as Revolabs speakerphone systems. Systems are controlled via iPads located on the conference tables.

event space

AVDG outfitted Autodesk’s event space with a range of solutions to support public addresses, video broadcasts, and local presentations. This space was equipped with ceiling-mounted projectors, large-format electric projector screens, and 3×3 video wall. The entire AV system is controlled via two wall-mounted Crestron touch panels. Public addresses are facilitated with wireless headsets and handheld microphones, ceiling-mounted speakers, and rack-mounted QSC DSP audio systems.

Additional components included multiple laptop connections, rack-mounted Mac Minis, and ceiling-mounted cameras connected directly to the computers, allowing Zoom meetings or webinars to be hosted and broadcast from the event space. Zoom functionality is controlled via an iPad.

game room

AVDG outfitted the game room with a wall-mounted 75″ Samsung display for gaming and video to support employee downtime.

kitchen A/V

Three kitchen spaces were equipped with wall-mounted 65″ Samsung displays for displaying cable TV while employees take lunch breaks or grab their morning coffee.

reception & digital community boards

Two reception areas were equipped with 65″ wall-mounted displays, along with five additional 43″ digital community boards for displaying digital signage or streaming its “Autodesk TV.”


A designated classroom space was equipped with a wall-mounted 65″ display for presenting virtual workout instructors or other educational content.

sounds masking

AVDG implemented sound-masking systems from Cambridge Sound, installing emitters throughout all open office areas and corridors to reduce audio disturbances. These systems were also integrated with a Pandora for Business media player, allowing for music playback and announcements via all active emitter zones.

engagement study

All of these deployments were done in collaboration with Autodesk’s employees, who provided direct input on the desired design and functionality of the office. AVDG used an engagement study to collect feedback on the plans, allowing staff to request adjustments and have influence over the final design. This process allowed for a closer partnership that was influential in helping Autodesk’s teams feel safe and prepared for their return to office following the COVID-19 pandemic.