project details

Redwood City, California



This project featured audiovisual and conferencing upgrades to multiple boardrooms and conference rooms at C3.ai – an enterprise AI software company, headquartered in Redwood City, California. Boardrooms throughout the building were updated with numerous video displays, projectors, and conferencing systems to encourage easier collaboration and communication throughout the organization.

AVDG worked closely with the general contractor to design and seamlessly integrate each technology into the space. The project featured AVDG solutions across two floors of meeting spaces, including 2 main boardrooms, 10 conference rooms, a small boardroom, and an all-hands area.

Here are some of the innovative solutions that were included in the project.

1st floor boardroom video wall

The 1st floor boardroom was outfitted with SiliconCore’s Lavender 1.2mm video wall, measuring 12′ wide by 6.7′ tall and made up of 36 cabinets with corresponding wall mounts. SiliconCore’s displays stand apart from other LED displays due to their advanced Common Cathode LED technology, which allows the displays to operate at the highest brightness levels, while maintaining the industry’s highest true refresh rates and color processing. This system displays a 16-degree viewing angle with no color-shifting and has a max brightness at 1200 nits, so that visuals are crystal-clear to every person in the room.

control & processing

The main boardroom is controlled with a Crestron processor and dual ceiling-mount occupancy sensors that provide the audio/video control, switching, and scaling to the system. AVDG also included a multi-image processor that allows up to 4 images to be displayed on the LED wall. The client is able to utilize a direct connection for presentation, as well as a wireless Crestron AirMedia system to support content sharing. AVDG also integrated the Polycom video conferencing system for HD conferencing capabilities.

microsoft teams integration

The 10 conference rooms were upgraded to support Microsoft Teams with a one-touch control system that allows access from the tabletop device or your smartphone or laptop. These Teams rooms included smart software that allows the system to detect meeting participants and automatically move the lens and adjust the zoom so no one is left out of the picture. The audio is run through soundbars and features noise-cancellation settings to adjust for background noise and enhance verbal communication. With Microsoft Teams, users edit documents in real time, both in person and virtually, during video calls.

2nd floor main boardroom video wall

The 2nd floor main boardroom was outfitted with a LED video wall comprised of nine 46” LED displays, creating a 138” diagonal wall-mounted display. Speakers can choose from 3 presentation locations at the front or rear of the table. Microsoft Teams can be utilized via the Crestron control panel that AVDG installed on the table.

ceiling array microphones & speakers

Audio in the 2nd floor boardroom is captured through ceiling array microphones and routed to eight 6.5” ceiling speakers, which feature a one-piece bezel-less grill and are configured with digital signal processing (DSP) that includes acoustic echo-cancellation technology.

dual 86” video displays

In the small boardroom, AVDG installed dual 86” video displays, wall mounted for video conferencing and collaboration. The system was integrated with Microsoft Teams, offering the same conferencing capabilities as the other conference rooms.

all-hands area

AVDG upgraded the company’s all-hands areas to include dual projectors and projection screens, set up to allow for large company meetings that allow for ample distancing between employees. The dual projectors were ceiling mounted for optimal positing and displayed onto two high-contrast Screen Innovation projection screens, designed specifically for rooms with high ambient light.

crestron presentation system

AVDG installed the Crestron presentation system in the all-hands area, allowing for maximized system capabilities with a minimal footprint. The system supports wireless presentation capabilities as well as wired presenter locations at the front of the space for more formal occasions. AVDG strategically filled the space with 24 pendant-style speakers to create a more immersive audio experience. Presentation personnel have the ability to walk around with 2 handheld mics or lavaliers, whichever is preferred. AVDG also provided wall-mounted touchscreens, providing quick and simple system setups at the touch of a button.

digital signage

The project also included small digital signage locations, where the client is utilizing Brightsign software to run custom signage for all employees through an AVDG-installed dual display.