century business solutions

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Irvine, CA



AVDG was selected to oversee the installation of a new video wall for Century Business Solutions, an integrated payments company based in Irvine, California. As part of renovations to its employee lounge, Century sought to install a large LCD display. But after speaking with AVDG’s experts, the company realized it could upgrade to a far better LED video wall without significantly increasing the costs.

The key goal of the new display was to enhance the appeal and value of the lounge, creating a relaxed environment for team members to unwind and watch TV. But underAVDG’s guidance, Century was able to procure better display technology that would further increase the functional use of the space for employee training, presentations, and partner visits.

seamless LED video wall technology

Prior to contacting AVDG, Century had already procured a video wall design that would accommodate a standard LCD installation. However, the company decided to explore other options before purchasing the product. They reached out to John Bray, account manager at AVDG, who knew instantly that Century could achieve something far superior by switching to newer LED solutions.

AVDG recommended a new Planar® MGP Series 16-foot-wide, 7-foot-high LED video wall, which would outperform traditional tiled LCD video walls in several respects:

  • Seamless, fine pixel pitch with Full HD and 4K resolutions
  • 1.5mm pixel pitch
  • 16:9 aspect ratio cabinets
  • Mounted profile less than 4″
  • Ability to easily create different layout options
Century Business Solutions

partnership with planar

AVDG worked closely with Planar to design the video wall and illustrate its advantages over other solutions. At AVDG’s request, Planar created two designs: an LCD option similar to what Century initially planned for, and the Planar MGP Series LED video wall. This allowed Century to do a direct comparison of the two, and not surprisingly, they chose LED as the clear winner. In an interview with Planar, Bray explained, “The product was very close in terms of overall cost, yet would obviously outperform. It checked all the boxes for flipping to an LED system. Planar provided a solution that hit the mark—hit it perfectly.”

video processing and control

AVDG partnered with Analog Way, a specialist for image processing solutions, to add the ability for multiple layout options and scaling native 16:9 source content to match the resolution of the display. AVDG also added a Crestron user interface, which makes it easy to control the display and switch between different layouts and sources.