project details

20 locations throughout U.S.



CommonGrounds is a “workplace-as-a-service” company that provides workplace options for companies and individuals. These include flexible work and office spaces, coworking spaces, and property services. Some of its unique features include collaborative meeting spaces, cafeterias, and flexible membership packages.

AVDG worked with the organization from 2018-2019 to install Crestron-based presentation and control systems for flex areas, sound systems in common areas, and video conferencing and presentation solutions in conference rooms in 20 locations across the United States.

flex area projection systems

Flex areas are designed as all-hands spaces where groups can gather. AVDG equipped them with ceiling-mounted projectors and Screen Innovations Zero-G projector screens. We installed presentation locations in the front and back of each space with added content to be displayed by a laptop, as well as a Crestron AirMedia device. These technologies are controlled through a 10 inch wall-mounted Crestron touch panel. All control equipment resides in the AVDG-designed rack space in the local MDF (main distribution frame).

video conferencing

In addition to the projectors, AVDG installed two PTZ cameras in each space for web-based video conferencing. One is a rear camera that faces the presenter, and the other is a front camera that covers the participants in the room. We also provided premium audio with 15 ceiling-mounted, pendant style speakers. These are ideal for program audio, speech reinforcement, and far-end audio reproduction, which suppresses echoing. Presenters have the option of 2 handhelds and/or 2 ear set microphones.

common areas

We added additional speakers to cover common area lounges, barista host areas, outdoor patios, and pantry locations for background music through Sonos sound systems. An integrated DSP provides echo cancellation and noise suppression, while providing control of the system for ideal sound intelligibility.

conference rooms

Across all of the CommonGrounds locations, meeting spaces come in a variety of sizes and types, which can generally be categorized as large, medium, and small. AVDG worked with the client to make the large and medium conference rooms ZoomRooms, so that participants can join remotely. Controlled by Crestron Mercury systems, these rooms include a tabletop conference system, camera kit, and microphone pod kids. The video displays vary based on room size, from 65-inch to 75-inch.

huddle room av

We set up the small conference rooms as wireless presentation spaces. These are also known as “huddle rooms” or “thinking spaces” for 3-6 people and are controlled with a Crestron AirMedia player and 49-inch wall mounted displays.

AVDG also installed room schedulers for all conference rooms. They are displayed on OFE Samsung Tab A8 Tablets and powered by a client-furnished scheduling software and calendar system.

project stats

After completing the project across 20 locations, here are the total number of spaces and devices AVDG upgraded or installed.

  • speakers installed: 496
  • large conference rooms: 35
  • medium conference rooms: 46
  • small conference rooms: 45
  • room schedulers installed: 126
  • ptz cameras installed: 36
  • projectors installed: 18
  • projection screens installed: 18