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Chicago, IL

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The International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) is a trade union within AFL-CIO that represents construction workers who work as heavy equipment operators, mechanics, surveyors, and stationary engineers. Local 399, based in Chicago, represents nearly 10,000 workers in Illinois and Indiana. AVDG partnered with Local 399 to bring state-of-the-art AV equipment to its training facility.

AVDG worked on multiple technologies in several classrooms and common areas. Solutions included a video wall in the Data Center Classroom, digital signage, classroom AV switchers, and related equipment.

data center video wall

Local 399 requested a video wall for its Data Center Classroom in the training facility. AVDG installed a Samsung 55” Extreme Narrow Bezel Videowall Display for Business as a cutting-edge solution to enhance its training and operational needs. The scope of the project included:
  • Preparing an elevation drawing of the video wall
  • Mounting and installing the video wall
  • Mounting and Installing power management behind the video wall
  • Mounting and installing the mini PCs behind the video wall
  • Making video connections and verifying the signal to all displays

crestron control

With the video wall, AVDG set up Crestron controls for streamlined access of the technology. Our work included:

  • Installing and wiring the control components behind the video wall
  • Installing the touch panel in the classroom wall
  • Installing HDMI transmitter receiver kit to connect the instructor’s computer feed
  • Programming the Crestron control system for simple operation
  • Providing client education about how to operate the Crestron control panel

digital signage displays

AVDG worked to meet the digital signage needs for Local 399. The client requested signage for the front lobby, back lobby, and back of the building. We installed Planar 75” 4K displays in all three areas along with BrightSign digital media players. AVDG’s contribution included:

  • Removing the current 55” inch display from the front lobby and relocating to the reception desk
  • Mounting and installing the new 75” display in the front lobby with Brightsign
  • Mounting and installing a new 75” display in the back of the building with Brightsign
  • Installing electrical outlets for displays
  • Pulling and terminating data cables to each display and the nearest data switch location

classroom av switches and cables

In addition to these solutions AVDG assessed the needs of several classrooms and made recommendations for upgrades. We recommended replacing the cables in six classrooms with more streamlined switchers and also replaced a broken HDMI cable.


Local 399 had a vision to create a state-of-the-art training facility, and by partnering with AVDG they brought that vision to life. Union members now have access to the highest quality equipment during their trainings.