troon pacific

project details

san francisco, CA



troon pacific outfitted by avdg

AVDG partnered with renowned real estate developer Troon Pacific to deploy a range of technology integrations at this expansive residential property situated in the heart of San Francisco. Known as Residence 2582, the 12,200+ sq. ft, six-bedroom home is responsibly built, technologically advanced, and features panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay.

AVDG outfitted the residence with best-in-class home automation, security, audio-visual, and control systems to complete a fully realized vision for elevated living.

audio-visual systems

Cutting-edge AV systems were deployed throughout the property, enabling the homeowners to enjoy immersive surround sound indoors and outdoors, as well as stunning 4K distributed video on multiple displays. Select A/V systems included: 

  • Audio: Distributed Sonance indoor and outdoor speaker system with streaming devices based on Savant matrix switcher.
  • Video: 4k Sony Ultra-HD (UHD) wall-mounted TV system with dedicated viewing sources.
  • Scalable infrastructure for future audio and video systems

data & voice systems

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, it was essential for the residence to be outfitted with the latest data and voice systems for ultra-fast Internet and reliable telecommunications. Select systems included:

  • Data: Hardwired – High-speed, enterprise-grade data distribution equipment.
  • Data: Wireless – Managed High-speed wireless access point system for ultra-fast and reliable WiFi throughout the property.

safety & security systems

AVDG deployed several security components at the property, enabling homeowners to keep an eye on the residence and allow access remotely when needed. Select systems included:

  • Access Control: Secure, cutting-edge equipment to allow communication and access to property.
  • Surveillance: Cameras and recording devices to monitor key areas of the residence.

motorized shades

Residence 2582’s expansive windows are among the property’s standout features, so it was essential to deploy window treatment solutions that would preserve the aesthetic while enabling simplified control.

  • AVDG designed and installed the infrastructure for future motorized shade control for nearly 50 locations throughout the property’s three floors.


All technologies throughout the home were seamlessly integrated with best-in-class control systems for ease of use and automation. Features included:

  • A single application, including control functionality over the audio, video, lighting, motorized shades, intercom/access-control/CCTV, swimming pool, and security system.
  • Remote controls and iOS devices installed throughout the home to manage all the above systems.
  • Hand-held remote controls were customized to operate the equipment installed in each room with a TV, as well as lighting, audio, and shading for that room as available.