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AVDG Support ensures that your systems work as they should—always. We support your home’s technologies through continuous monitoring, as well as defensive and proactive measures. When technical support is needed, we’re just a phone call or email away.

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why AVDG

  • 3,250

    service clients across North America

  • 85

    percent of tickets are resolved remotely

  • remote system monitoring

  • email, phone & emergency on-site support, 7 days a week

AVDG remote assistance

remote assistance

email/phone support
7 days, 8 am – 8 pm
365 days a year
guaranteed 30-minute response time
emergency on-site support
Monday – Friday, 5 pm – 8 pm, Saturday
& Sunday, 8 am – 8 pm*
priority response within 24 hours
*on-site support is billed (T&M)
program optimization
through internet, network, AV system, and power monitoring
iOS device application installation
reboot capabilities allowing for the reboot of devices without needing to access software. Direct AVDG Expert Technician connection via email or phone
system health monitoring
AVDG’s “machine-learning” process allows us to preemptively address many common issues that would otherwise require a service visit.

what our clients say

I am so impressed with the excellent professional service I have been receiving from AVDG! The
technicians who come out are knowledgeable and tidy. The staff goes above and beyond to help me, if I need it. The follow-up is especially great. Kudos!

– Larry

service options

AVDG Archer Residences in Boston, MA

simplicity system health monitoring

The AVDG System Health Monitoring service was designed for the optimization of your home and electronic systems.

This critical support plan includes:

  • program optimization through internet, network, AV system, and power monitoring.
  • remote system monitoring of critical systems inclusive of client notifications if internet outage persists for longer than 30 min., if any critical network devices fall offline, and if any critical control systems malfunction.
  • access to emergency on-site support.*
  • priority on-site support during standard business hours, anticipated response within 24 business hours (3 business days).*
Digital communication reinvented by AVDG

a la carte add-ons for remote support

In combination with the simplicity system health monitoring solution, you can add remote assistance to specific locations in your home. This includes the program optimization, plus iOS device system control reboot capabilities and Direct AVDG Expert Technician connection via email or phone.

AV solutions for universities

event support / pre-event preventative maintenance

AVDG offers preventative maintenance visits to identify and resolve potential issues before they arise. We will provide a thorough inspection of each system, resolve any issues identified, thoroughly clean the system components, and provide a detailed summary of work performed.

annual preventative maintenance

AVDG also offers annual preventative maintenance to ensure that all installed technologies are running smoothly. An experienced AV service technician will be available on site to address any issues that are identified. We can also provide a pre-event system check to prevent potential issues before they occur.

our commitment

  • 30

    minute or less response time to initial requests

  • 70

    percent of service tickets are resolved within 15 minutes

  • 85

    percent of service tickets are resolved remotely

  • 80

    percent of on-site service issues are resolved during a single visit

  • dedicated office and field service team

on average AVDG's service clients maintain AVDG as their service provider for more than 7 years.

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