Residential Automation Systems

Convenient Automation Technology for Residential Homes

High-Tech Comfort and Control

With intelligent home design from AVDG, you and your family can leverage modern technology to make everyday life easier and more comfortable than ever before. Take advantage of user-friendly home control systems that make controlling the temperature, lighting, entertainment systems and security of your home as simple as pressing a button or tapping an icon on your phone. We can also help you keep a close eye on your home from anywhere in the world with a complete remote access home surveillance system.
You can save your family money by installing energy-efficient home climate control and lighting control technology. Not sure if you turned off the lights or turned down the heat when you left the house? Access your smart home’s climate and lighting systems remotely to make sure they’re off. Forget to close up the curtains or blinds before going to bed? Don’t worry about getting up—simply make sure they’re closed with convenient motorized window treatments.

State of the Art Audio/Visual Automation

Intelligent home design isn’t just about controlling your lights and thermostat, of course. The home planning experts at AVDG can also help you build the custom home theater of your dreams! With fully automated, easily controlled home audio & video distribution technology, we can create a modern entertainment system that wows you every time. With perfectly synced access to television content from anywhere in your home, yours will undoubtedly be the go-to house for movie night.
Your home is already special; make it spectacular with residential automation systems from AVDG. With nearly two decades of experience and a strong team of knowledgeable, dedicated automation specialists, we aim to help our customers live better lives through integrated technology. If you’re interested in learning how having a “smart home” could benefit your family, contact us today!

Today’s homeowners have many touch technology options – integrated systems that not only do more but save energy too.
Now, you can control your home environment intelligently – from locks to lights, doors to drapes, temperature to texts from your teen.
Life is better when everything works together. Why not have it work the way you want it to?


Just imagine the possibilities!
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