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For more than 20 years, AVDG has created sophisticated residential environments with leading-edge audio-visual and automation technology, fostering innovation and simplicity in each home. As a partner, we identify and cultivate opportunities to maximize systems, empower environments, and respect design. Our partnership mindset enables us to collaborate with you as a partner, seeing each project through to its full potential and supporting your systems in the long term.

our partners

Since 1996, we have gained the privilege to partner with some of the world’s most prestigious and innovative creators. We partner with developers, designers, architects, and homeowners to create extraordinary residential environments with modern technology.

our footprint

  • 2050 +

    home control
  • 3150 +

    intelligent home design systems
  • 650 +

    lighting control systems
  • 1500 +

    home audio & video distribution systems
  • 1200 +

    automated climate control systems
  • 2500 +

    motorized window treatments
  • 150 +

    custom home theaters
  • 375 +

    surveillance systems (CCTV)

From single-family homes to multistory condominiums, AVDG has deployed an array of technologies to thousands of residential environments across the United States and abroad.

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smart solutions

World-class smart systems do so much more than connect your mobile device to the technology in your home. With smart solutions from AVDG, your home can adapt to your lifestyle, making your environment more comfortable, more intuitive, and easier to control.
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Vermont Ski House


Lighting places an outsized role in the comfort of a space, the mood, and the overall aesthetic. AVDG's dynamic lighting solutions illuminate your space while adapting to your activities, routines, schedules, or the available light in the room.
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Window Treatments

window treatments

Natural light plays a fundamental role in the ambience and comfort of a home. AVDG’s custom window shading systems can transform your space, creating a more comfortable living environment, while also making the window treatments easier to control.
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AVDG Control4 solutions

climate control

Smart climate control is a must-have, energy-saving technology in the modern home. AVDG specializes in easy-to-use, adaptable smart climate systems that set the ideal temperature based on weather, schedule, routine, and personal preferences.
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Indoor air quality has a substantial effect on health and wellbeing. AVDG’s advanced air purification systems help eliminate airborne pollutants, pathogens, allergens, and toxins so that you and your family can breathe easier and enjoy better health.
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Boston Hilltop

water quality

Premium water quality is a must-have in every home. AVDG utilizes Delos systems for water purification and other wellness benefits, helping families enjoy pure, safe H20 for drinking and washing.
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home office

home office

In a new era of remote work, creating a productive and comfortable space at home has never been more important. At AVDG, we're helping home-based workers thrive with smart home offices that foster productivity, collaboration, and wellness.
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Boston Hilltop theater


AVDG collaborates with homeowners to create stunning environments for entertaining, enjoying movies, music, gaming, and more. Our robust audio-visual solutions transform spaces while maintaining the aesthetics of the home.
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