a safer space to gather

The global health crisis has changed how people interact with indoor spaces. Schools, retail establishments, and hospitability businesses have an enormous responsibility to create safer spaces for people to gather. AVDG can bring wellness to these essential environments with research-based innovations that reduce viral transmission, improve mood, and provide peace of mind to all who enter the building.

adapting to the new normal

In response to the global pandemic, schools and commercial businesses have had to reevaluate the ways people gather, shop, and study. Making these indoor spaces safer is critical for two reasons: protecting those inside and instilling trust during these uncertain times.

In partnership with Delos™, AVDG is helping retail, hospitality, and educational institutions adapt to this new normal. Our data-backed solutions promote physical and emotional well-being by targeting essential environmental changes:

  • air-quality enhancements that reduce the transmission of airborne viruses
  • in-room design features that support immune health and encourage healthier living
  • lighting and ambient enhancements that make spaces more inviting and comfortable
  • robust educational content to address the psychological concerns of those returning to indoor- environments, such as schools, hotels, retail stores, and offices

built for human wellness

Our solutions extend far beyond the immediate response to the pandemic, helping people thrive in their indoor environments. AVDG and Delos™ leverage research data from building and health sciences to create customized solutions that improve health and wellness in any commercial setting.

Our holistic environmental solutions are designed to deliver a positive health impact in several key areas:

  • cardiovascular
  • respiratory
  • immune
  • cognitive

health and peace of mind

Wellness is achieved by optimizing indoor environmental conditions and implementing strategic building policies. In-room design features and services work together to support human health, while also enhancing morale and cognitive health.

  • increase energy
  • reduce stress
  • enhance mood
  • improve focus
  • boost performance

how it works

Every space is unique. AVDG customizes your commercial wellness solution according to the specific needs and objectives of the environment. Our experts assess your space, providing actionable strategies for optimizing the physical space, as well as building protocols.

Integrated environmental solutions can include:

  • air purification
  • water filtration
  • dynamic lighting & shading
  • automated thermal comfort
  • ambient sound & noise reduction

safer schools & dormitories

AVDG’s wellness solutions help schools and universities reduce the risk of viral transmission by remediating airborne pollutants and contaminants. That’s why these same air purification technologies from Delos are already in use at 10,000 New York City public schools.

better retail experiences

Customers are more likely to trust establishments that take the pandemic seriously. AVDG’s wellness solutions provide the peace of mind they’re looking for, ensuring cleaner air and subtle environmental enhancements that create a more inviting space to shop.

a new level of hospitality

The hospitality industry has been upended by the pandemic. Restoring customers’ trust will require a bold new commitment to their health and safety. AVDG is providing the path forward with integrated solutions that reduce airborne contaminants, improve water quality, and transform your indoor environments into wellness sanctuaries.

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