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Indoor air quality has a substantial effect on health and wellbeing. AVDG’s advanced air purification systems are custom fitted for every space and every home’s needs. Eliminate airborne pollutants, pathogens, allergens, and toxins so that you and your family can breathe easier and enjoy better health around the clock.

advanced air purification technology

Using Delos air purification solutions, AVDG offers a new standard in indoor air quality. From plug-and-play units to integrated HVAC systems, we work with our partners to choose and install the ideal technology for any space of any size and purpose. Delos air purification is developed using the latest scientific research, industry standards, and best practices, resulting in a technology that optimizes safety, effectiveness, and ease of use.

featured case studies

950 residence

Partnering with real estate developer Troon Pacific, AVDG developed smart home technology solutions for 950 Residence, a $40 million residence at San Francisco’s Russian Hill. The home is designed with luxurious comfort, and all its smart home systems are easy to manage. Air quality technology is integrated into the expansive home automation features.

residence 2582

AVDG and Troon Pacific worked together to deploy a range of technology integrations in this 12,200+ square-foot home. Outfitted with the best home automation and control systems, the residence completes a fully realized vision for elevated living. A single application controls functionality of AV technology, climate, lighting, and wellness applications.

prioritizing wellness

A home’s physical environment impacts a family’s health and wellness in surprising ways. Improved air quality can prevent some illness, allergies, and respiratory problems by significantly reducing irritants and pathogens circulating throughout the space. Not only do Delos home wellness solutions purify the air, but they also have the capacity to automatically treat and adjust water, light, and sound. With these integrated systems, families can enjoy more energy, improved mental well-being, increased immunity, and better quality of sleep.

backed by science

With an AVDG air purification system and other wellness solutions from Delos, you can rest assured that the home environment is improved using the latest research-backed approaches. With an indoor air quality sensor and advanced air purification system, any space can be immediately improved with maximum safety, efficiency, and ease of use. Delos Advanced Air Purification uses Disinfection Filtration System (DFS) technology, which optimizes the particle capture process by combining electrical charging with mechanical filtering. This system is capable of removing 99.99% of airborne particles.

custom solutions

Using our consultative approach, we help families and residential development partners choose the best air purification and home wellness systems based on the needs of their residential spaces. Delos systems can be integrated into a home’s HVAC and home automation systems, or residents can use standalone air purifiers in the spaces of their choice.

whole home integration

As audio-visual specialists, our experts at AVDG develop whole home automation solutions that integrate easily with wellness systems. Entertainment systems, climate, lighting, security, and automated window shading all contribute to a home’s environment and ambience. With easy-to-use control panels, families can control all of their homes smart systems from a single touchscreen application. They can also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with full automation based on their family’s habits and needs.

better living with AVDG

Since 1996, AVDG has developed AV and home automation solutions for residential applications of every size and scope. Our team of expert designers, architects, engineers, and technicians have developed solutions for single family homes, multi-dwelling units, condominiums, and more. With our unique consultative approach, we create systems with our partners that are unparalleled in their performance. Contact us today to discover your options in wellness solutions and more.

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