Automated Climate Control Systems


Convenience. Cost Savings. Environmental Stewardship.
Is being “green” just a fad or marketing concept? At AVDG we don’t think so. In fact, we can reduce your impact on the environment in meaningful ways while also making your home climate control system easier to use.
Our intelligent climate control systems enable you to easily set heating/cooling options for any combination of days, reducing the energy and costs you incur to make your home comfortable.   When you’re not around, the system intuitively reduces your home’s energy consumption!


Information = Cost Savings and Energy Efficiency
Information is the key to reducing your costs and environmental impact. AVDG’s Energy Monitoring Systems give you the information you need for more efficient home climate control, including readings, charts, and highlights about your energy consumption per hour, day, week, or month. Armed with such detailed data, you can make small changes in your habits and start saving energy immediately.

Smart. Green. Intelligent Climate Control from AVDG.


Remotely Access Your Home Climate Control System While You’re Away
Frequent travelers will love the “vacation” mode setting, which automatically adjusts your lighting and climate settings to reduce energy while you’re away. On your way home from the airport, simply use your smartphone to remotely activate your digital temperature controller, and walk in to a comfortably heated or cooled home.

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