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Today’s home theater systems show little resemblance to those of yesteryear, which only consisted of a big TV and loud speakers. AVDG is an industry leader at transforming a room into a truly captivating media experience, which begins the moment you create a design for your new home theater. When your theater is installed, your favorite movies come alive with life-like image quality and detailed sound reproductions, even at low volumes. For two hours, you’re carried away to the deck of the Titanic with Jack and Rose or the streets of Gotham to watch the Dark Knight rid the city of evil.


Envision your dream home theater
A relaxed meeting with a AVDG designer is the first step in bringing your theater dreams to reality. We have some of the best audio/video products available as well as superior quality, comfortable theater seating, and just the right décor to fit your vision. Our in-house CAD designers can even create a 3-D rendering of what your future home theater will look like. Our home theater designers will help you visualize every detail of the theater and ensure we exceed your expectations before the first piece of equipment is even ordered. Our home theater installers then take your vision and turn it into a reality.


More than just movies and DVDs
Today’s available technology is so much more advanced compared to even just a few years ago. No longer do we have to rush out and wait in line at Blockbuster to rent the latest release. Instead you can instantly rent or buy a movie, download it, and begin watching in a matter of minutes. At AVDG, we have numerous options for storing, accessing, and distributing your multimedia content without ever having to leave the comfort of your seat. You can do your shopping and watching instantaneously. No matter what you’re in the mood to watch, our custom home theater systems can provide the answers.

Custom Home Theater


Custom home theater systems from AVDG include the latest in technology and design. Enjoy theater quality images and sound, so any movie can be viewed with a full experience. Our team will work with you to design a custom package that includes top-quality audio/video products, theater seating, remote control, custom lighting, and décor. From home theater screens to speaker system design, to lighting and installation, we use state-of-the-art CAD software to design a home theater system that works for you.

Superior Audio Quality with Leon Speakers

High-performance, wall-mounted loudspeakers yield superb, unmatched audio systems. A worldwide leader in the field, Leon Speakers Corporation approaches their design from an artistic and musical perspective. By partnering with this organization, we can ensure you receive the best home theater speakers custom solution, from on- or in-wall speakers to ceiling speakers, to high-tech soundbars.

Advanced Video Systems

High-end video equipment enables you to enjoy the latest movie downloads. Top-of-the-line systems for storing, accessing, and distributing video and multimedia content are available, so you can watch your content instantly. You can depend on our video systems no matter what you want to watch, when you do, and whatever mood you’re in, without ever leaving your seat.

Control Your Home Theater

Our custom home theater systems are compatible with the latest in home automation. AVDG has partnered with some of the leading innovators in automation, lighting, and audio and video controls. These include:
Control4: Automate your entire home theater system, down to every visual, audio, and lighting nuance. Setting up the system is a breeze. All the controls are at your fingertips, and control is made even more effortless thanks to our custom integration abilities. We even have shades that close in response to the sunlight.
Crestron: Gain complete control of your home theater with a Crestron touchscreen. If using your mobile device is preferred, then we can make that happen as well. Leading the way in control and automation in offices, hotels, and hospitals, Crestron enables full control of a home theater, from adjusting lights and shades to setting temperature zones in the room.
Lutron: From reliable, efficient lighting fixtures to top-quality lighting control, you can have a uniquely customized lighting system with many different design possibilities. Lutron won’t only enhance your comfort. You can also save energy with the latest efficient products and designs while maximizing your home theater experience.
Trufig: Control your audio, video, and lighting with one of the best home automation solutions on the market. Synchronizing audio system components has never been more effortless. Functionality is considered as much as aesthetics. Each device, control, and outlet is matched to the color and design of the room and is flush-mounted to walls and ceilings.

Custom Installation for Every Client’s Needs

Every installation begins with a consultation with the client. We discuss each aspect of the project and what they expect out of their home theater system. A customized plan is then created, often considering several different solutions. We can even draft color illustrations to help visualize the finished result, making it easier to make decisions and resolve any concerns before the creative project gets underway.
For more details and to request a personal consultation, call AVDG at 888-505-1922.

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