Home Control Systems


Instant Home Control, No Matter Where You Are
We’ve all had those moments where we’ve gotten halfway to work or school before realizing that the stove was still on, the garage door was open, or the home security system had not been armed. AVDG’s home automation system keeps you from having to make a mad dash home to rectify those problems by providing you instant access to many of your home’s most important functions.
AVDG creates customized smart home systems that allow clients to:

  • Control temperature
  • Control lighting, room by room
  • Manage home security/surveillance systems
  • Lock doors
  • Turn on/off and adjust radio/stereo
  • Control motorized window treatments
  • Control audio/video systems throughout house

With just a few swipes of your smartphone or a few clicks of your computer, you can manage your home’s functions, ensuring optimal comfort, as well as energy savings. By having instant access to functions such as lighting and HVAC systems, you can substantially reduce your yearly electricity bill.
Save Money
The Consumer Technology Association estimates that the average household spends about $2,200 per year on electric bills. Control of HVAC systems alone can save consumers about 10 to 12 percent on yearly power bills. Further eliminating energy waste by getting a tighter grip on your home’s lighting can yield further savings.
In addition to saving electricity, home automation systems make your home more comfortable and convenient. While reducing usage of your HVAC system while you’re at work, you can turn the heating or cooling back on before you head home to ensure the temperature is agreeable upon your return.
Remote control of locks and security systems also makes it easier to control access to your home for maintenance and delivery workers. No more hiding a key under the mat for the plumber or driving home from work to let the cable guy in the house.
Don’t delay getting all the savings and convenience that a home automation system can provide. Contact AVDG right now to start work on a customized smart home system that will put control of your home at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

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