Lighting Control Systems


At AVDG, we don’t think being “green” is just a fad or marketing concept. We believe it’s possible to reduce your impact on the environment in meaningful ways while also making your home cost-efficient. Our intelligent home lighting control systems put the convenience of one-touch lighting control right at your fingertips. The result is a more comfortable home and energy savings for you and your family.
Worried about having left a light on before leaving for a long vacation? Do the kids have a habit of forgetting to turn off lights in rooms they’re not using? AVDG’s convenient residential remote lighting control makes it easy to control your lighting and other systems from miles away. This increased level of control means that you’ll never have to worry about accidental electricity expenditures again, whether you’re gone for a month or a day..
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No more feeling your way through the dark when you come home with an armful of groceries. One button on one of our custom smart home lighting control systems can disarm the alarm system and turn on pathway lights leading to the kitchen and other rooms. You’ll feel safer when walking into a well-lit home and reduce the likelihood of trips and falls.
Our one-touch controls also make it possible for you to create the perfect event lighting at the press of a button. Activate your custom party mode and watch as your home automatically dims lights in mingling areas and brings up attractive specialty lighting around your dining table, home bar, or any other social spaces. Or, add a realistic home theater mode in which your system fades out overhead lights and turns on convenient pathway lights at the edges of the room. Whatever you can imagine, we’ll bring it to life.
The systems by AVDG can make this a reality for your family at costs well below what you might expect, even in existing homes with older electrical wiring.


Mood and Ambiance at Your Fingertips
Lighting is a vital part of creating a comfortable living space and setting the mood in your home. One trip from our expert technicians, and you’ll have customized lighting for every room of the house to suit your mood, day and night. The experts at AVDG take pride in making every system simple to use; nothing is complicated or intimidating.
As humans, we naturally react to different amounts and wavelengths of light, which, in turn, create a variety of essentially universal emotions. Dim, warm lighting can create a cozy feel for a family game night, while brighter, cooler lighting can make a room feel more energized and awake. With standard home lighting, you’ll have to manually turn lights on and off, sometimes even moving lamps around to create the perfect mood. With automated residential remote lighting control systems from AVDG, you’ll be able to program in the perfect settings and activate them in a snap.


Increase Convenience and Reduce the Clutter
A clunky bank of light switches can ruin the aesthetics of your carefully designed spaces—and who can remember which switch controls what? AVDG will work with you and your builder to reduce the number of switches and make your lighting system intuitive and easy to use. Whether through complex panelized lighting systems or simple Control4 automation switches, we put the power in your hands to create just the right atmosphere from one room to the next.
How many times has a child or house guest accidentally turned on an outdoor light or garbage disposal before getting to the right switch? Simplified lighting controls mean that your home’s systems will be much easier and more intuitive to navigate for everyone, not just for those who have the switches memorized. Plus, there’s no need to line dark areas with night lights when you’ve got easily activated hallway lighting to guide guests and young children to the bathroom at night.

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