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Today’s connected spaces require a fast, dependable network to power the myriad of devices in businesses and homes. For smart offices in particular, having a powerful network –whether wired or wireless –is essential for fostering productivity and collaboration. With AVDG’s network design and configuration, you can rely on a robust, secure network to keep your connected technologies running optimally.

reliable speed and connectivity

Poorly designed networks are prone to connectivity problems that cause devices to fail. This is especially true for wireless networks, in which poorly placed access points cause devices to become unresponsive. At AVDG, we eliminate the risk of such problems in the design phase, engineering your network for reliable performance while also leveraging the latest network innovations, like Wi-Fi 6, to ensure your network is dependable and ultra-fast.

featured case studies


AVDG recently provided an extensive range of audio-visual and conferencing solutions to CommonGrounds, a coworking provider that provides workplace options for businesses and individuals. Partnering with the company, we deployed Crestron-based presentation and control systems for flex areas, sound systems in common areas, and video conferencing and presentation solutions in conference rooms in 20 locations across the United States.


AVDG was contracted to design, engineer, and install the AV components at Zendesk's HQ Executive Briefing Center in San Francisco, CA.The company’s SF headquarters represent a signature location that is a tangible representation of its brand. In partnership with the client, we developed a technology plan that demonstrated the company’s brand, culture, and customer impact, while providing an opportunity for them to host their top customers and discuss their needs.

commercial networks

It’s critical for offices and commercial environments to have a dependable networking backbone for all their connected technologies, including not just computers, but also video conferencing systems, printers, digital displays and automated solutions such as lighting or shading. At AVDG, we are experts in all spheres of networking as well as conferencing and automation. All of our solutions are custom-designed per case and seamlessly integrated

residential networks

Today’s connected homes need not only strong Wi-Fi, but also a reliable underlying network to ensure all systems perform optimally. Newer network technologies, like Power over Ethernet (PoE),transmit data and electrical power to devices, eliminating the need to plug them into a traditional electrical outlet.AVDG custom-designs powerful home networks to provide flawless performance of connected technologies while also keeping your network infrastructure neatly concealed.

ultra-fast Wi-Fi

AVDG offers the newest advancements in wireless networking technology, including Wi-Fi 6. Wi-Fi 6 is the latest Wi-Fi standard, enabling speeds up to three times faster than the previous generation, in addition to other impressive bandwidth optimizations. Leveraging the 6 GHz frequency band, Wi-Fi 6is the biggest Wi-Fi upgrade in 20 years.It allows more devices to communicate simultaneously on a wireless network and increases Wi-Fi speeds, especially on congested networks.

security & compliance

The security of your network is paramount. Our engineers leverage the strongest security standards and safeguards to protect against external threats, while also adhering to all applicable industry codes.

remote system monitoring

In addition to custom network design and installation, AVDG Support can remotely monitor your network to preemptively to address issues before they come to your attention. Our remote monitoring solution keeps downtime to an absolute minimum, so that you’re not disrupted by unexpected network problems. When issues occur, our teams can resolve them remotely 85% of the time.And in the event that an on-site visit is needed, we offer priority on-site support within 24 hours.

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