network solutions

The connected technologies in a home or business are powerless without an ultra-fast network. That’s why AVDG designs a robust networking infrastructure as the backbone for all your A/V and automation devices. Our engineers employ the very latest networking gear available, such as Wi-Fi 6 and powerful switching technology, to ensure reliable, blazing-fast connectivity. Additionally, we monitor and update your systems remotely to keep your system secure and operating at its best.

unified AV and IT

Our skilled technicians are experts in both AV and IT solutions. This ensures that all your deployed technologies are seamlessly unified for maximum performance and reliability. We custom-design these solutions for each project, according to the specific needs of the network and environment. So that your devices work like they should and can be scaled easily as your demands grow.

ultra-fast wired and wireless networks

Networking technology is constantly improving, especially for Wi-Fi standards. So it’s critical that your network is built on the latest gear. At AVDG, our engineers are constantly researching and testing the latest networking technology. We collaborate across AVDG, leveraging the knowledge and experience of our teams to identify and qualify every solution we recommend for our clients.

commercial and residential environments

AVDG can deploy networking infrastructure for environments of any size, from single-family homes to multistory office high-rises. For commercial applications, our networking solutions ensure dependable connectivity for video conferencing, audio-video systems, office automation, and other integrations. Within residential environments, our custom-designed systems eliminate Wi-Fi “dead spots,” ensuring superior streaming, smart lighting and shading, and always-available Internet across homes of any size.

wi-fi 6 technology

For wireless networks, AVDG uses the latest Wi-Fi 6 technologies for the fastest speeds and longest ranges. Wi-Fi 6 is up to three times faster than the previous generation, and it can send data to double the devices via the same broadcast, with no need to switch to different frequency bands.

designed for dependable connectivity

Most Wi-Fi signal weaknesses are due to having limited coverage (not having enough wireless access points) and bad installation locations of those access points. AVDG eliminates these risks in the design phase. Our teams identify the best locations to put your wireless access points for the best performance possible. We also consult you to make sure we maintain the aesthetics you want. A poorly placed access point is not easily remedied with more equipment. Doing it properly the first time with proper design ensures that you have the best system possible. That’s the AVDG difference.

remote monitoring

We have your back with 24/7 remote monitoring of your network performance, so that our technicians can address any issues at the first sign of a problem. AVDG’s remote monitoring and access solution allows us to securely access your system without on-site intervention. Our total solution consists of a Mini-PC, a firewall system to regulate the connections, and router managing. In the unlikely event that we cannot solve an issue remotely, our remote access allows us to gather the data we need to fix issues much faster if an on-site visit is needed.

why AVDG?

Beyond our expertise in IT, AV, and automation, our consultative approach is what truly sets us apart. We design and build your network to your exact needs, collaborating with you and your stakeholders as partners.

“We have used AVDG for five years and they have installed or replaced all of our audio visual and wifi equipment. The products they recommend are of the highest quality and their post-install service is truly excellent. They do not give up if there is a problem. The depth of their knowledge and their willingness to respond to even the smallest issue is very impressive. They do not compromise in the pursuit of the answer. Highly recommend them.”

- Alli B.

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