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protect what matters most

We all want the peace of mind knowing that our properties are safe – not just from burglary and intrusion, but also fire, smoke, and other common risks. AVDG’s security systems use state-of-the-art technology to safeguard homes and businesses with the best available protection and monitoring. So you can protect what matters most and keep an eye on your property at any hour of the day, no matter where you are.

dependable security options

AVDG offers dependable security solutions for every need, ranging from residential and commercial security systems to office access control systems. Our technology experts work closely with you to understand your unique security objectives, allowing us to custom-design a solution that provides total protection for your property.

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commercial security systems

Protecting your people, property, and assets is vital to the continuity of your business. AVDG deploys robust commercial security solutions to keep organizations secure and provide a clearer picture of what’s happening at their premises. Gain dependable layers of protection with the latest technologies for surveillance, access control, office security, and more.

home security systems

Today’s home security systems are smarter than ever and easier to operate. Safeguard your family with cutting-edge solutions that protect against burglary, intrusion, fire, and other threats. Keep an eye on your home while you’re out, with innovative security cameras that allow you to view real-time footage on your smartphone. AVDG’s home security systems provide the protection and peace of mind your family deserves.

surveillance & security cameras

See what’s happening at your property, no matter where you are. AVDG’s security cameras equip you with real-time footage and recordings of suspicious activity, so you never miss a moment. Place cameras indoors and outdoors to monitor the most important areas and access points. View live video from your phone or computer. Get alerts when motion is detected in front of the cameras. Communicate with those who are on-site, such as a babysitter or a delivery person at the front door.

access control

Streamline your organization’s building-access processes, while maximizing security. AVDG’s access control systems give you real-time control and visibility over the people entering your building. Remotely communicate with visitors and delivery teams. Open doors with the tap of a button. Grant access to employees and log data from key fobs, smart cards, or mobile devices. Our access-control experts will help you identify the right solution for your needs.

intuitive, easy-to-use systems

Maintaining high levels of security shouldn’t be difficult. That’s why AVDG’s advanced security solutions are designed to be easy to operate. Simple, intuitive interfaces give you total control of your security systems, cameras, access control solutions, and more. Your security systems can also be seamlessly integrated with other technologies at the property, such as audio-visual systems, automated lighting, and climate control, so that you can manage everything from a single device.

why AVDG?

AVDG is a national leader in audio-visual design and automation. Founded in 1996, we have deployed innovative technologies in thousands of residential and commercial environments across North America and abroad. Our unmatched expertise and consultative approach are what set us apart. We proudly employ a diverse team of highly skilled professionals who ensure impeccable results for every project.