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on 03.02.20

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When exploring smart home options, many homeowners start with climate control systems. They are an easy way to keep a home comfortable while making energy usage more efficient. AVDG specializes in state-of-the-art climate control technology that is simple to operate and integrates easily into the home’s existing systems.

automated comfort

You’ll rarely have to adjust the thermostat again. AVDG’s carefully calibrated climate control systems are designed with comfort and efficiency in mind. Enjoy spaces that automatically adjust based on interior temperature, motion, and the family schedule. Feel comfortable no matter what the time of day, season, or the room you’re in. Reduce energy costs year-round. Our specialists collaborate with you to provide a customized system for your unique space.

unparalleled efficiency

Families waste hundreds of dollars a year on energy, due to inefficiency in their HVAC systems, thermostats, and manual user settings. Yet automatically calibrating indoor climate settings around a family schedule and preferences is an easy way to save energy and money year-round. With an individually crafted system from AVDG, our climate control systems can cut costs effortlessly with smarter settings based on your unique energy consumption habits.

cutting-edge technology

Residents can automatically manage heating and cooling options at any time of year with easy-to-use controls, tailored to the space. An AVDG system also uses motion technology to reduce usage when the family is absent or asleep. Once the system learns your preferences, you’ll rarely have to adjust it again. If desired, we can also integrate your climate control systems with other smart home features like lighting and security. With these technologies, you can fully optimize your whole home to run on less energy while being protected from harm 24/7.

effortless control

No more confusing buttons and impossible settings. With an AVDG climate control system, families can easily make adjustments using simplified controls, based on their preferences and the system’s recommendations for more efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The user interface can be mounted on a wall and also integrated with other devices. If you’re away from home and want to adjust the climate settings before your return, you can access and adjust the system remotely.

what to expect

AVDG’s climate control specialists consult with clients to customize smarter climate control for every unique residential space and empower families to reduce their energy costs. We’ll explain how the technology works and teach you how to use it. You’ll rest assured knowing that you’re getting a cutting-edge system installed by experts, which will maximize your comfort and energy savings for years to come.

the AVDG difference

AVDG is known for its unparalleled design, service, and consultative approach. Our team is passionate about partnering with clients to customize smart solutions for climate control and other premium home control systems. We’ve installed systems in a variety of settings, from single-family homes to multi-dwelling units and condos. Set up a free consultation today and discover how we can customize home climate control automation in your space based on the family’s needs and preferences.

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