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on 03.02.20

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modern convenience

In 21st century homes, residents don’t have to worry about whether they’ve locked the doors, lowered the thermostat, or turned down the music before going to bed. With the modern convenience of an integrated home control system from AVDG, they can do it from almost anywhere or completely automate it, ensuring their home is secure, comfortable, and energy-efficient.


Most households waste hundreds of dollars on utility bills each year. AVDG’s smart systems can increase cost efficiency in numerous ways. Smart control of HVAC systems alone can significantly reduce energy costs. They can eliminate further waste with controlled lighting. Not only do our automated home control systems reduce costs, but they make the home environment more comfortable and convenient.

minimalist design

There is no need to worry about extra cords or cluttered spaces. AVDG’s skilled designers streamline your system, so that your home environment has a clean, efficient use of space.


The security of a home control system is paramount to protect residents from both digital and real-world intruders. Our technical engineers employ the strongest security standards and safeguards.

what to expect

AVDG’s expert designers will help you design a state-of-the-art home control system that will elevate the design of your space with premium technology. We’ll integrate all the aspects of a home to create a fully automated, cost-saving powerhouse.

customization for your needs

Every residence is different, which is why we can customize your space based on your needs. Request a free consultation and we’ll walk you through options in lighting, temperature, security, AV systems, and more.

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