wellness for a new normal

smart wellness solutions for a new normal

In these unprecedented times, our surroundings play a central role in our health and well-being. Now more than ever, our physical environments influence how we feel, how we work, and how we live. As we adapt to this new normal, AVDG is helping businesses and families move forward. Our research-backed solutions transform environments, bringing new levels of wellness and safety to any space.

solutions for a seismic shift

The Covid-19 pandemic has shifted the way we interact with our workplaces and our homes. AVDG offers integrated solutions that bring passive but essential environmental changes to indoor spaces. While subtle, these data-backed solutions can have a profound impact on human health, wellness, and performance.

wellness solutions

Our integrated solutions from Delos™ target and enhance essential indoor environmental elements as a whole system, including:







dynamic health & wellness

A return to physical spaces requires a new approach to safety and well-being. AVDG’s holistic environmental solutions can help to mitigate post-pandemic concerns in numerous ways:

  • Air-quality enhancements that reduce the transmission of airborne viruses
  • In-room design features that support immune health and encourage healthier living
  • Lighting and ambient enhancements that make spaces more inviting and comfortable
  • Robust educational content to address the psychological concerns of those returning to open-space environments, such as offices or academic spaces

Integrated together, our solutions address the 5 key factors in which physical environments influence human wellness: health, stress, performance, sleep, and comfort

a better way to live

Our homes are no longer just living spaces. They’re workspaces and classrooms. AVDG’s residential wellness solutions from Delos™ promote healthier living with an intuitive system that enhances energy, sleep, and overall well-being, and reduces indoor contaminant

a healthier place to work

The health and safety of your workforce is a top priority. Transform your physical spaces with AVDG’s evidence-based commercial wellness solutions, which can help improve employee performance, influence productivity, and create a more comfortable place to work.

a safer space to gather

Schools, hospitality and retail businesses have an enormous responsibility to create safer spaces for people to gather. AVDG is bringing wellness to these essential environments with research-based innovations that reduce viral transmission and provide peace of mind to all who enter the building.

backed by science

AVDG’s wellness solutions by Delos™ are informed by years of research and development with leading scientific institutions. As a certified Delos™ dealer, AVDG leverages research data from building and health sciences to develop practical solutions that improve health and wellness in any indoor environment.

outdoor AV solutions

Beyond indoor wellness, AVDG also offers solutions for organizations that are moving gatherings outside. Discover a wide range of outdoor audio-visual solutions, including video projectors, microphones, speakers, LED walls, and other AV components. These systems are highly portable and easy to use, making them ideal for K-12 schools, universities, churches, and organizations that want to adhere to social distancing guidelines in a safe, open-air environment.

remote learning technology

When gathering in-person is not an option, AVDG can power your classroom with cutting-edge remote learning technology. From participant video walls to confidence monitors, to custom interfaces, AVDG can create an environment that equips professors, allows students to connect, and promotes collaboration. Our remote learning solutions are designed to be adaptable and scalable for the ever-changing academic landscape.

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