Studies Show That Ambient Music in the Office Increases Productivity

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Have you ever noticed that you feel more relaxed and get more accomplished while listening to music? Do you have a favorite genre or artist that really puts you “in the zone?” According to research on the effects of music on productivity, you’re not alone. Now, employers are starting to consider how playing ambient office music could help boost overall productivity in the workplace.
The Psychology of the Link Between Music and Productivity
According to modern studies on how music affects the brain’s ability to focus, the success of using music for productivity really depends on the level of immersion a task demands, how repetitive it is, and the kind of music played. All of these elements work together to affect a person’s mood and focus, potentially creating a “sweet spot” for productivity.
With the right music and situation, researchers have noticed the following effects on workers:

  1. Repetitive tasks become less of a burden.

When performing work duties that are well-defined and repetitive, employees show increased productivity and report greater happiness when they are listening to music. Interestingly, studies have also shown that music played in a major key creates even greater productivity than music in a minor key.

  1. Music serves as a reprieve from noise.

Especially in work environments where there is a great deal of noise (e.g., open office areas with lots of talking, buildings with lots of industrial machine noise, etc.), music has the ability to serve as an escape from the chaos. This allows workers to focus more clearly and accomplish tasks more readily.

  1. A moderate level of ambient noise can increase concentration and creativity.

Workers experience an optimal increase in productivity and creative thought when ambient sound is at a medium level. Natural sounds like wind and rain can achieve this effect, as can soft background music played at moderate volume.
Top Ambient Music Recommendations for Productivity

  1. Classical/Baroque

Because lyrics can be too distracting for some people (some people pay too much attention to the words and meaning of the song), instrumental music is a common choice. The relaxing, familiar nature of classical music makes it an easy choice for ambient sound.

  1. Electronic Ambient
    For a somewhat more modern sound with similar “drowning-out” capabilities to classical music, modern electronic ambient songs can be an ideal choice. As a bonus, many ambient electronic composers aim to create music that is relaxing or which intentionally creates focus.
  2. Anything Familiar/Soft/Not Distracting

If a person has a favorite artist or genre that he or she finds particularly relaxing or productivity-inducing, that can work, too. Even if it has lyrics, a familiar or comforting song is one that a person already knows well and doesn’t need to pay much attention to. Really, any type of music can work so long as it’s not distracting.
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