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on 02.28.20

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Our approach to every project begins with a thorough understanding of each client’s needs and objectives. As a partner, we listen to you and look forward to conceptualizing your vision. Our two decades of experience enable us to quickly identify scope, while also providing key insight and recommendations that will help to bring that vision to life.

While every project is unique, over the past 20 years we have developed an effective, proven process that ensures the successful completion of each new initiative. This process is customized for every partner while following a general framework of project phases that help streamline the project and set the right expectations.

Here are the phases you can expect for most projects, beginning with consultation and continuing through project design, management, and ongoing support.


Every project begins with a consultation, which helps us to get to know you, the project space, and your unique objectives. We consider the consultation process to be critical to the success of every project. You’ll meet with our experts for a low-pressure discussion about your space and needs. We’ll use this time to:

• Gather your valuable input: What do you envision? What are your goals and objectives?
• Survey the space: We’ll take initial measurements and photographs and collect relevant data.
• Propose solutions to your unique challenges: since no two spaces are alike, we’ll present options that are customized for your specific environment and needs.
• Answer any questions you have: as a valued partner in the AVDG process, we encourage your collaboration from the very beginning.


After the initial consultation, bringing your vision to life will require a thorough and accurate assessment of your site. Our skilled engineers and sales leaders will perform a highly detailed site inspection and will begin mapping the project requirements. As part of the assessment phase, we will:

• Perform a detailed site survey with our advanced equipment and technical expertise.
• Formally present our proposed plans.
• Outline how we plan to collaborate with your project’s stakeholders.
• Propose solutions to streamline systems and optimize the efficiency of the project.

The assessment phase will naturally involve dialogue with you as a partner. We invite discussion with our team of experts as you explore and negotiate the details involved in the project.

design & engineering

Once you’re ready to move ahead with the project, the design and engineering phase brings more of our experts into the process, harnessing their talents to bring the planning to life.

Our skilled designers and engineers will draft highly detailed images and documentation specifying exactly how your systems will be deployed and configured. Depending on the project, this step may include:
• AutoCAD drawings of your space and systems
• Finalized planning and project documentation
• 3D design renderings

This is an exciting step in the process, as you’ll visually conceptualize the project’s innovations and unique implementation.

project management

Ongoing, collaborative project management is essential to the success of your project. Our experienced project managers will closely monitor each stage of the process, ensuring that the project stays on track and in adherence to the specifications and communicating with you throughout the process. Our project management teams are intimately involved with all aspects of the project, helping to:

• Communicate updates with stakeholders: dialogue and collaboration are among our highest professional priorities.
• Oversee collaboration of all AVDG teams: we’ll take care of the necessary details to make sure the process moves forward seamlessly with everyone involved.
• Ensure all documentation is developed and followed to ensure safety, efficiency and dependability.
• Oversee system installation: from start to finish, we’ll ensure the project is completed according to our meticulous expectations.

No matter the size of your project, our project managers provide exceptional service so that the process is as streamlined for you as possible.


AVDG has an unparalleled industry reputation for the quality and dependability of its systems, and a key reason for that is our meticulous commissioning process. After installation is complete, we employ a diverse team of testers and AV problem-solvers to ensure the system works flawlessly.

• Complete system calibration, ensuring state-of-the-art performance and ease of use.
• Comprehensive testing, to verify the system’s complete functionality.
• Performance evaluations by AVDG and project stakeholders, ensuring the project is completely satisfactory.

Projects will not be presented as complete until you are 100 percent satisfied with it and we can ensure a premium aesthetic and experience.

client hand-off

After we’ve thoroughly tested and optimized the system, we present the completed installation. Our teams walk you through the system carefully, demonstrating how to use it and answering any questions. Depending on the project, the hand-off stage may include:

• User training: thoroughly understand all controls, settings, and modifications.
• System walk-throughs: we’ll present all components of the project and show you how they are integrated.
• Service support options: once you are familiar with the system as a whole, we’ll present ways we can help users when they need additional technical expertise and troubleshooting.


After completing the installation and commissioning of your project, we’re here to support you and your system whenever you need it. AVDG’s Simplicity Service option gives you peace of mind that our experts are continually monitoring the functionality and connectivity of your systems. Our staff’s high level of expertise ensures that your system will be monitored and defended from cyberattack. They’ll also work to resolve issues before you even notice them. When you do need help, they’re only a phone call or email away. Our Simplicity Support Plan includes:

• Phone/email support, 7 days a week
• Emergency on-site support
• Guaranteed 30-minute remote support
• Priority on-site support within 24 hours
• Software notification of any major events detected
• System health monitoring and program optimization
• System summary: a record of system support, delivered as frequently as the client desired
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