the benefits of having a custom outdoor music system integrated into your beautiful landscape

on 02.05.21

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When updating your landscaping, don’t forget your sound system. While it’s not the first thing most homeowners think of when creating beautiful outdoor spaces, a custom outdoor music system can make your backyard a truly inviting spot to gather.

At AVDG, we specialize in sophisticated audiovisual solutions for indoor and outdoor environments. Here are several benefits to transforming your beautiful landscape with unparalleled sound.

ready to use

With an integrated outdoor music system, there’s no need to haul out speakers, cords, and media players. With a tap from your smartphone or custom touchscreen, you can instantly activate your system. This allows you to play the music you want, anywhere on your property. Set the outdoor mood whether you’re swimming in the pool, working out, gardening, or playing with the kids.

ideal for hosting

Whether you enjoy hosting intimate family gatherings or large social events, a sound system is a must-have. Create the ambiance you want for barbecues, holidays, birthday parties, and even weddings and other celebrations, all with easy-to-use technology that you can activate with a touch.

no eyesores

Sound systems should be heard and not seen. When integrated with your landscaping, your outdoor sound system is hidden seamlessly among foliage and other visual components of your home. You won’t see cords or speakers jutting out of place or drawing attention away from the beautiful parts of your landscaping.

weather resistant outdoor music system

When you work with audiovisual professionals to install your outdoor sound system, you can rest assured that it will be safe in moisture, heat, and cold. Unlike portable sound equipment, permanent fixtures are designed to withstand the weather. So if it starts raining while you’re using your system, you don’t have to worry about damages to your system.

best quality sound

With expertly designed and installed outdoor speakers, you can enjoy high-quality sound that many portable systems wouldn’t be able to replicate. Our team will consider acoustics as well as the desired balance and volume in your outdoor spaces, so you’re getting the best quality sound wherever you want to hear it on your property.

integrates with indoor systems

You can integrate your outdoor music system with your indoor home theater control system. Seamlessly transition from indoor to outdoor without interrupting your music or program. This is convenient for residents and guests alike. So, you can create a unified ambiance as well as make sure that you don’t miss anything if you’re listening to the news or a sporting match.
What’s more, your custom outdoor music system can work with your whole automated smart home system, including security. Whether you want to sound an alarm or start workout music at the same time each day, you can easily integrate these features into the system.

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