the importance of a reliable network in connected offices

on 07.30.21

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Smart office technologies are changing the way we work. Robust automation and A/V-powered conferencing systems are making office environments more efficient and collaborative – even when some participants are thousands of miles away.
But in order for these technologies to work as seamlessly as they should, they must be powered by fast, dependable networking solutions.
Connectivity issues at any end of the network – whether wireless or wired – will hurt productivity and cause headaches for the teams who depend on these technologies. The importance of network reliability is more apparent than ever.
common network problems
One of the most common networking issues in today’s offices is Wi-Fi signal weakness. The Wi-Fi signal is strong in some areas, but practically nonexistent in others. Or maybe employees can connect in the main conference room, but not in other critical collaboration spaces, like huddle rooms and common areas.
In most cases, these connectivity problems are due to a lack of wireless access points (thus limiting the range of the Wi-Fi) or because those access points are in bad locations. In either case, the symptoms are the same:
Slow or no Internet in certain locations
Video conferences constantly buffer or lose connection
Automated devices like lighting and shades become unresponsive
Digital displays and video walls lose the Wi-Fi signal and can no longer stream content
Each of these issues translates into barriers that prevent your teams from thriving and also hurt your bottom line.
the need for dependable commercial networking
Your teams shouldn’t need to think about the network at all. When it’s properly configured and deployed with the right technology, it just works, providing fast, reliable connectivity across all corners of the office (including outdoor shared spaces).
This is why it’s critical for offices to have a dependable networking backbone for all their connected technologies, no matter what the size of the space.
A poorly placed access point, for example, is not easily remedied with more equipment. Doing it correctly the first time, with proper design, ensures that you have the best system possible.
the AVDG difference
AVDG provides total AV and IT solutions. We are experts in all spheres of networking as well as office automation, eliminating the need for our clients to hire multiple disparate teams. All of our solutions are custom designed per case and are seamlessly integrated. This ensures a unified experience and dependable connectivity across all connected office technologies.
It’s important to note that networking technologies have continued to evolve. So if you’re using wireless access points that are a few years old, for example, then you may be missing out on faster Wi-Fi speeds and greater wireless ranges.
Wi-Fi 6, the newest generation of Wi-Fi, is up to three times faster than the previous generation (802.11ac) and allows more devices to connect simultaneously to a single access point. Plus, there’s no need to switch between different frequency bands. The network optimizes itself for the best performance and reliability.
At AVDG, our engineers actively research and test the latest network technologies to identify the right solutions for every client.
remote monitoring for maximum performance
In addition to custom network design and installation, AVDG actively monitors all your AV/IT systems and proactively addresses issues at the first sign of a problem.
We design systems that can be serviced and updated remotely, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum, without disrupting the workday. And in the unlikely event that we cannot solve an issue remotely, the remote access allows us to gather information to fix issues more quickly once a technician is on site.
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