the importance of professional AV support

on 11.15.21

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Installing a state-of-the-art system of audiovisual devices, smart lighting, and control modules is a smart decision for any environment, but it’s just the beginning of your journey. This intricate network of high-end technology will require proper training and operational acumen to function properly. It will also require periodic maintenance and evaluation to ensure it is functioning at maximum capacity.

Having professional support for your audiovisual systems is not just a perk – it is absolutely necessary. Our technicians at AVDG share some of the key reasons why professional support is so important to the health of your systems and your space.

reliable remote assistance

With a full-service professional support provider, you will gain access to top-notch assistance for any needs that may arise with your systems. At AVDG, we provide support around the clock: 8am-8pm, 7 days a week. We also guarantee that a technician will respond to your request for assistance within 30 minutes, ensuring that your issue or question is resolved in a timely manner.

The remote assistance capabilities offered by AVDG also include a notification system sent to your smart device. This alert system will identify any major events regarding your technology and notify both the user and the technician of possible next steps.

on-site support

Some issues cannot be solved over a phone or video call. When one of your smart systems needs repairs, or the problem cannot be properly inspected remotely, you need professional, timely on-site service to make sure your systems are back up and running as quickly as possible. For these reasons, AVDG is dedicated to going above and beyond in our on-site support capabilities, offering priority on-site support within 24 hours of request.

Because we know that the work doesn’t always stop at 5 o’clock, we also have technicians available for emergency on-site support during off-peak hours: Monday-Friday from 5-8pm, and Saturday-Sunday from 8am-8pm.

When the system is originally installed as well, our technicians will be on-site to walk you through the best practices for adjusting and operating your control system, updating your preferences, and requesting support.

systems health monitoring and diagnostics

An integral part of maintaining a well-functioning system, and a major benefit of professional AV support, is systems health monitoring and diagnostics. AVDG has the capability to perform preventative maintenance on your various smart systems on a regular basis, reducing the need for repairs or replacements in the long run. We will monitor the health of the system, including your network, internet capabilities, audiovisual system, and power. If we detect any issues, we will work to remotely resolve the issue before it even comes to your attention. 

We have the ability to optimize and reboot client systems remotely via on-site computers, which are put in place during the installation of the AV system. If a reboot is necessary, this feature allows your technician to conduct it without having to enter the premises.

protect your AV systems with full-service support from AVDG

Protect the health of your commercial space and its systems today by consulting the professionals at AVDG about professional support. We value collaboration and transparency, and our experienced technicians will work with you to maintain the quality of your audiovisual experience. With our approachable team, tried and true standardized procedures, and 24/7 emergency services, AVDG is your go-to when it comes to taking your office to the next level. Schedule a consultation today.