the need for experienced av integrators in a rapidly-changing environment

on 09.22.21

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AV integration has always been in high demand, even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. But rapid changes brought on by the pandemic saw a renewed need for skilled integrators who could help organizations, schools, and homes adapt to fast-moving health guidelines.

While there is no telling when social distancing measures will drop off and the global pandemic will end, the way in which businesses operate has likely changed for good. Businesses the world over have embraced the advantages of allowing employees to work from home, while workers themselves have come to enjoy the flexibility of being able to virtually commute to their jobs. Consumers now expect virtual offerings that enable them to take part in important programs and events from the comfort of home, while educational institutions have found that offering distance learning enables them to reach students who would otherwise be unable to attend classes.

Commercial Integrator recently took an in-depth look at the industry and offered comprehensive insight into the demand for AV integrators and AV products. Not surprisingly, it found that qualified AV integrators are in high demand:

– 61% of AV companies say the biggest difficulty they have in filling available positions is finding qualified candidates.
– At the same time, 59% of AV companies expected to complete more projects in 2021 than they did in 2020.
– Demand for AV services is experiencing especially fast growth in the entertainment, education, and healthcare industries.

challenges and solutions

Commercial Integrator’s look at in-demand AV equipment and services clearly shows the challenges many industries face, while showcasing the solutions that AV companies can offer to help businesses move forward into the future and offer new and improved services to their target audience.

acoustic, audio, and av set-up

Over 83% of AV companies say that acoustic, audio, and AV projects are in their backlog, and it’s not hard to see why. As countries put limits on international travel, teleconferencing has become increasingly popular. However, it takes more than just the best audio/visual teleconferencing equipment and software on the market to guarantee a top-quality AV set-up. Acoustics plays a huge role in a successful conference call, as without it, individuals attending the call will not be able to hear each other clearly. Without proper sound insulation, outside noise can distract conference attendees. The shape and design of the room may cause reverberation as sound bounces from surface to surface, making it hard for people to hear. In a worst-case scenario, poor sound quality can interfere with cognitive function.

Smart architects will usually work with an acoustician when designing and constructing buildings to ensure the room has good sound quality. However, older buildings or offices that were not originally designed for teleconferencing may need adaptations in order to ensure good acoustics. Thankfully, this is a service that many experienced AV companies can provide. Acoustic, audio, and video set-up are typically customized depending on the layout of the room and what it is used for, ensuring top-tier audio and video quality without glitches and interruptions.

unified communications and collaboration

According to Commercial Integrator, over 35% of AV companies expect a growth in demand for unified communications and collaboration products as employees who continue to work from home need high-end software in order to work with colleagues, managers, contractors, and customers. In some instances, companies are able to get by with off-the-shelf products such as Microsoft Teams or G-suite; in other instances, more customized and integrated solutions are needed.

Custom-made software can not only allow for online collaboration but also streamline routine tasks to boost business efficiency. It can be ideal for companies that cannot afford to hire additional workers, as information is automatically logged by AI systems instead of manually. Customized solutions may also be in order for companies with strict privacy guidelines. Medical facilities, law firms, and financial institutions will likely need specialized technical help to set up communication and collaboration solutions with a high level of cybersecurity to prevent hacks.

managed services

AV companies report that remote monitoring and management was by far the most commonly-offered service in 2020, with nearly 41% of AV firms providing AV management services to clients last year alone. Managed AV service contracts ensure that customers have immediate, professional help if AV equipment malfunctions or needs to be tweaked to suit a new situation or need.

What’s more, AV management can also include cybersecurity services to prevent attacks that could compromise confidential information or enable hackers to gain access to a firm’s financial information or private information about employees and/or customers. AV managed services are particularly important for small and mid-size companies that cannot afford to hire their own IT or AV experts; however, they’re also highly beneficial for large companies that may want to outsource certain AV tasks to a third-party to allow in-house experts to handle other jobs.

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