the smart home of ‘tomorrow’ is possible today

on 11.05.21

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Imagine a home in which all the systems are intelligently integrated into one seamless, easy-to-use solution. From the lighting and sound, to the windows and climate, this home is uniquely and intricately designed to achieve the best possible living experience and top-of-the-line audiovisual capabilities. And best of all – each aspect can be changed and controlled with the press of a button.
Believe it or not, this home is not an imaginative depiction of the future – it exists today. The team at AVDG specializes in crafting and orchestrating smart homes, custom-designed and engineered to the specifications of our clients and their preferences.
Here is what today’s luxury smart homes can include, and how AVDG can implement it today.

media distribution systems

The media experience, particularly in a home theater, is one of the most important aspects of a smart home. The audio and visual elements can be customized to respond to the homeowner’s
preferences as well as their vocal commands. AVDG has extensive experience designing and installing customized sound systems and screens to fit the client’s budget, vision and utility. A well-designed media distribution system can amplify the entire use of the home.

custom climate control

Never again will imperfect circulation and air current within a home cause certain rooms to be less comfortable than others. With state-of-the-art climate control systems, you can automate each room to the ideal preferences of the inhabitant, depending on the size and function of the space. These systems are also designed to maximize efficiency and reduce energy costs, all while being accessible remotely via a smartphone – even when the user is away from home.

motorized window treatments

Another way to streamline a home and reduce your energy costs is by intelligently managing the sunlight entering your home. Smart window systems can be programmed to adapt to changing light, as well as orchestrate custom-lit environments for bedrooms and home theaters. These quiet, motorized systems can be easily installed by a professional and linked to users’ personal devices for easy use.

intelligent lighting for every purpose

Ambience is everything – and it starts with lighting. A simple space can be reinvigorated and reimagined with a custom lighting solution designed to augment the dynamic aspects of the space. Each room has a unique purpose, and smart lighting systems can be custom-designed to meet the needs of each environment.

surveillance systems

To protect the various integrated intelligent systems in the home, a proactive and effective surveillance setup is prudent and often necessary. Our installation experts can help design and implement a system that fits your preferences and budget, with features like two-way intercom capabilities, easily accessible recorded footage, and a live feed streamed to the user’s device when they’re away.

home control and integration

Tying each of these tailored elements together can be orchestrated with a comprehensive home control system. Residential partners, like designers and developers, can provide families with the management and seamless governance of their various smart systems with a streamlined program designed to increase the efficiency and functionality of the home.

craft your smart home of the future – today

Learn more about enhancing the design, audio experience, and management of today’s smart homes by consulting the professionals at AVDG. Through consultation, design, financing and implementation, our team will work to understand your exact needs and build a network of systems that fulfills them. With our team of high-performing experts, standardized process and 24/7 support, AVDG is your go-to for world-class home automation. Schedule a consultation today.