the ultimate holiday gift guide: extraordinary gifts that everyone in your home will enjoy

on 12.09.20

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This holiday season, why not give your loved ones an extraordinary gift that they’ll enjoy for years to come? With AVDG’s expansive range of audio, video, and home automation solutions, you can choose an unforgettable gift that will wow your entire family.

Need some ideas? We’ve made it easy for you. Use the guide below to find the perfect gift for your loved ones.

for the saver

Who wouldn’t love a gift of home automation this holiday season? Smart home automation can provide aesthetic simplicity, convenience, and significant long-term savings on your energy bills. Get rid of the clutter, cords, and devices by creating a more modern home with intuitive, automated control of numerous systems.

  • set it and forget it
    Your automation system can adjust the temperature, sound, lighting, and other systems based on your preferences, schedules, and habits.
  • automate and control
    No more juggling remotes or apps. From a single interface, you can control home theaters, audio systems, lighting, climate control, networking, window treatments, locks, security, and surveillance systems.

Automation makes it easier to create the perfect environment while also saving time and money.

for the sports fanatic

Sports fans will love the ultimate sports home theater in their very own AVDG fansuite. Create a custom in-home stadium viewing experience by transforming your space into a private luxury box to cheer for your favorite team.

  • immersive audio
  • stunning 8k video
  • automated lighting
  • luxury seating

Control it all with the touch of a button or voice command. Immerse yourself in the game – from the comfort of your home.

for the movie buff

How about an upgraded movie room for cinema aficionados?

Create a fully immersive experience that fits your space and turns it into a stunning home theater environment. Premium audio, video, seating, and lighting are all within reach, and we can customize your home theater to fit your needs and budget. Listen to amazing sound and watch crystal-clear videos in a beautifully-crafted space that your friends and family will love.

Our world-class designers will work with you to design your theater exactly as you want it – we can even create 3D renderings of your home theater vision. (Imagine surprising your family with these renderings on Christmas morning.)

for the golf enthusiast

Every golfer will be envious of your custom full swing golf simulator as you virtually play championship golf courses in the privacy of your home or office. Use your favorite club to hit a real ball into the screen. The immersive technology tracks your stroke and creates a realistic simulation on the screen. Track your ball’s trajectory just as if you were on the course.

You can get feedback about your swing to help improve your game and experience differing conditions by adjusting winds and moving greens. You can also practice your short game or practice putting and watch how the ball breaks.

How cool is this? In addition to golf, you can also practice soccer, football, or baseball with various apps or watch movies on the big screen.

for the workaholic

Create the ultimate home office environment for the busy executive.

  • Automated lighting that can adapt to different lighting conditions
  • Automated window treatments and custom window shading systems with sensors that can adjust -automatically to maintain optimal lighting
  • Climate control to maintain the perfect temperature
  • State-of-the-art video conferencing tools for world-class communication

Plus, whether you’re working from home or commuting to work every day, we can help you make your home a sanctuary for health and wellness with innovative solutions that enhance your wellbeing:

  • Reduced airborne contaminants
  • Better-tasing water with impurities filtered out
  • Dynamic lighting to restore your body’s natural rhythms
  • Automated thermal comfort for optimal indoor temperature control
  • Ambient sound for improved mood and performance

for the Pinterest-obsessed

How about a room interior makeover? For those that love interior design, modern technology, or just want to wow their friends, smart technology can create aesthetically pleasing designs that also improve your quality of life.

A home makeover with designer window treatments & lighting can reinvent any space. Seamless technology integrates and controls lighting from a single interface. Leave the home with the lights on? No problem. Want to light the place up to make it look occupied while you’re away? Pre-set a timetable and turn lights on and off remotely.

It’s not just for aesthetics, either. When you can manage the lighting, you can create the ideal ambiance while saving money and eliminating energy waste.

Motorized window treatments can quickly go from full sun to full privacy at the touch of a button. Sensor-equipped shades will automatically adjust light levels as the amount of natural light entering your home changes. Systems can also adjust throughout the day to maintain optimal lighting and temperature.

Shades, blinds, or curtains can be controlled without leaving your seat, and they’re so quiet, you won’t be distracted by the noise.

for the safety-conscious

When safety is on your mind, a state-of-the-art surveillance system can bring peace of mind by making your home security more effective and proactive. Before you answer the door and let someone onto your property, view, and communicate with guests through your audio/video communications system. When you want to grant access, unlock your gate or door remotely.

  • View live footage from anywhere
  • Review recorded video
  • Pan and adjust cameras easily
  • Automate surveillance to send you alerts based on motion detection

When you need privacy inside your home or office, motorized window treatments can provide instant privacy with the touch of a button.

for the family

Give the entire family the gift of better connectivity for internet browsing, streaming, and gaming. AVDG designs and builds custom data networks to provide stellar reliability and constant connectivity across all your connected devices and AV integrations.

Connect your home office with all the tech tools you need and provide lightning-fast internet access throughout your entire home or facility.

From network design to cabling and configurations, AVDG can create a network to meet your needs, including wired and wireless. All of it will be designed with the strongest security standards and safeguards to keep your data safe and private.

technology, beauty, simplicity

This holiday season, consider the gift of technology, beauty, and simplicity. Simplify your life and control your environment. Whether it’s for your home, office, or multi-dwelling unit, let our experts at AVDG create a custom solution that you and your family will love.

If you’ve got an idea, we can make your vision a reality. Contact AVDG today and let us show you what we can do.