transform your home and workplace with dynamic, natural light from Ketra

on 03.15.19

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Whether you’re trying to create a productive work environment or a comfortable living space, lighting is important. Lighting can make us feel warm and cozy or energized and ready to work, and natural lighting is the best kind of lighting to promote health and well-being. Is it possible to create a space that offers beautiful, natural lighting and yet is automated to provide the height of modern convenience? With AVDG and Ketra lighting, it’s easy to transform your home and workplace.

Why natural light? In our modern world, most humans spend most of their lives indoors, under stagnant, artificial lights, often staring at bright, unnaturally lit computer screens. This can have negative effects on health, as well as preventing people from sleeping soundly at night. Light that’s more natural, however, can improve our surroundings.

  • Natural lighting feels like real light. Designed to automatically fluctuate to simulate natural light, this kind of lighting matches the sun’s patterns from cool and bright in the morning to soft and warm in the evening. It’s customizable to fit your occasion and match your mood, and it shows off furniture, finishes, and artwork to their best advantage.
  • Natural lighting is good for your health. Because it changes throughout the day, it can help you feel alert in the morning and calm when it’s time to wind down for bed. Light that follows natural patterns can help people heal more quickly, age more slowly, and avoid certain health problems. It also helps people recover more quickly from jet lag.
  • Lighting that follows natural patterns can increase productivity. When you install natural lighting at your workplace or in a classroom, it helps keep people focused and motivated. Natural lighting boosts creativity and morale, encouraging innovation and making people feel happy. When customized for different areas of your workspace, it can create different moods for different activities and promote a feeling of community and harmony.

Ketra provides natural lighting solutions that can create the perfect environment for both residential and commercial environments. Not only can Ketra lighting systems mimic natural light, but they can also do it in a way that can be tailored to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Providing the highest quality transitional light that flawlessly mimics natural light, Ketra lighting can easily be integrated into a fully automated system.

AVDG, we are committed to providing technologically advanced options for every room of your home or business. Our partnership with Ketra makes it easy to upgrade your space with the best natural lighting and automation solutions available, creating natural light systems that are easy to use rather than complicated or intimidating. Over the past twenty years, AVDG has become a major provider of residential and commercial technology systems, working hard to make technology more accessible, bridging the gap between possibility and reality. Whether you live in a small house or operate a large office complex, we can provide you with features and convenience that will make using your space more efficient and enjoyable and even more eco-friendly.