transform your office with window shades

on 11.29.21

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The lighting of your office space is a critical aesthetic element that no architect or designer should ignore. Along with the physical attributes of the room, the right lighting can create positive feelings and even enhance productivity.

In the quest for the right lighting solution, natural light is one of the most valuable tools at your disposal. Sunlight can change the dynamics of a space for the better – if it is properly administered and implemented. The key to finding the perfect balance of natural light in your space is high quality, customized window shades. However, not all window shades are created equal. A well-tailored window shade solution, specifically designed to accent your space and meet your needs and preferences, can literally transform your office.

the right ambience

The ambience created through the implementation of a carefully curated space can help make those who utilize the space have a more positive and fulfilling experience. Using natural light is one of the oldest and most reliable ways to alter the mood and create the exact aesthetic you are looking for. Window shades that let in the right amount of light at the right angles can help bring this vision to life.

customize your space

At AVDG, we specialize in creating highly-customized solutions for audiovisual and automation needs, especially in commercial spaces. Our designers will help you orchestrate the light profile and color palette of your office by helping you select the particular shades, color options, fabrics, and textures that work best for your environment. Transform your office from unremarkable to pristine by choosing the exact dimensions and specifications for your window shades with help from our design team.

automated natural light

As the light of the day changes, so will your manipulation of that light as it enters the room. With the technology from AVDG, managing the light that floods into your space is simple and streamlined. We offer smart-office technology that can completely automate your window shades through customizable schedules and easy adjustment measures. The sensors and timers governing the automated system can be controlled from a single touchscreen for ease of access and implementation.

quiet motorized movement

When you partner with the technicians at AVDG, we can design a motorized window treatment system that operates almost silently. This feature can help subtly change the lighting of the room without causing a stir or a noticeable shift, allowing work to continue smoothly in the space.

energy savings

The beauty of automation is that the proper window shades can help save substantially on energy costs. By better insulating in the winter, and by mitigating UV rays in the warmer months, window treatments can help keep the temperature and conditions in your office space more consistent, reducing your energy bill.

professional installation

In addition to the benefits associated with window shades, the technicians at AVDG have nearly three decades of experience professionally installing these specialized window treatments into commercial spaces. We will help ensure your dream for the space becomes a reality, as well as coach you on the operation of the system. After installation, AVDG will also be available to provide support and maintenance when you need it.

enhance your office space – the AVDG way

With some small steps, you can begin enhancing the design, lighting, and systems management of your commercial space today. The experienced team at AVDG will work alongside you to determine the best solution for your space, then professionally implement it. AVDG is your go-to when it comes to taking your commercial office to the next level. Schedule your free consultation today.