digital communication is more vital than ever before - how we're helping our clients adapt

keeping teams in close contact

Fast-moving hybrid organizations require multiple streams of communication – without having to jumble through numerous disparate platforms and devices. AVDG’s unified communication solutions streamline these tools into a single interface. This helps teams to stay in close contact, no matter where they’re located, while also ensuring open collaboration and more efficient workflows.

simple & streamlined communication

Unified communication from AVDG helps teams stay in communication – regardless of how they prefer to communicate. Use one platform for voice calling, video conferencing, instant messaging, content sharing, and more. Switch from a chat to a video call with a single click. Share files within the same interface. Bring other team members into the conversation in an instant.

one interface for all

With AVDG’s unified communication solutions, everything is streamlined into one simple interface. So users don’t need to manage multiple apps or devices. One interface connects users to all their teams and all their communication methods, all in one place.

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AVDG conference systems with premium AV

integrate with other apps and services

Unify not only your communication but also your favorite apps. Our unified communication solutions can easily be integrated with a wide range of third-party services, such as project management apps, messaging platforms, accounting software, and cloud apps. This allows your teams to get more done, and stay in communication, without needing to open up multiple interfaces.

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virtual classroom technology

robust conferencing a/v

Our unified communication solutions integrate with the robust video conferencing systems that AVDG is known for. AVDG outfits conference rooms with the latest in audio-video solutions, including well-positioned cameras and microphones throughout the space to catch every moment. Even whiteboards are captured, ensuring that every single note or file is seen by every participant, whether they’re in the room or connecting from thousands of miles away.

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built for hybrid teams

Unified communication is a vital tool for hybrid teams. Employees working from home or spread out across multiple locations can stay in close contact throughout the workday, as if they were all in one place.

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why AVDG?

AVDG is a leader in intelligent office design and automation. Founded in 1996, we have completed more than 3,000 connected workspaces for some of the world’s biggest companies, as well as small businesses. Our unmatched expertise and consultative approach are what set us apart. We proudly employ a diverse team of highly skilled professionals who ensure impeccable results for every project.