Video Walls and the Future of Conferences

Video Wall ConferenceThe sphere of technology is always changing; nowhere is that more true than in the business world, where better technology often means improved efficiency, clearer communication and, ultimately, higher profits. One of today’s most leading-edge technologies, the video wall, is allowing businesses to hold conferences and share information in new and visually appealing ways.

What Are Video Walls?

It may sound like the stuff of science fiction, but video walls have become a fascinating reality. Exactly what they sound like, video walls are large-scale visual displays taking up most or all of a dedicated wall space. Video walls may or may not be touch-sensitive and interactive, depending upon their purpose. Such walls have been used for a variety of applications, including security control rooms, advertisements, and entertainment.
Video walls create a strong visual impact and allow businesses to display different images, videos and information easily—like an electronic billboard or a large-scale projection but with better image quality and faster response. By combining this unique display system with video conferencing systems, broadcast programming, and/or company PCs, businesses can create and customize visual spaces like never before.

Digital Display Walls Are Shaping the Future of Business

Video conferencing with software like Skype, WebEx, and GoToMeeting has become relatively commonplace over the last decade or so. It stands to reason, then, that video conference capabilities will continue to grow as businesses update their offices to include dedicated video walls and other technologies.
With web conferencing available on video walls rather than on computer screens and projections, conferences could be streamed to larger groups of individuals at improved video quality without the need for additional audio-visual equipment. Plus, touch-screen technology on digital walls could allow greater business-to-business interaction with immediate on-screen sharing.
At CES 2017 (this year’s installment of the annual Consumer Electronics Show), electronics giant LG revealed a new “wallpaper” OLED TV screen that is thin and flexible. It’s likely that, as digital display wall technology moves forward, products like this will be used to cover walls with minimal space and mounting requirements.

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