AVDG vigilance program

on 07.22.20

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The AVDG vigilance program is a dedicated design installation surveillance program that collects and assesses reports of suspected adverse failures of products and or installations. This program enables AVDG to monitor the safety and health of products and systems so as to optimize the performance of the client systems during and after deployment. AVDG has tracked product and installation methods for over ten years and has compiled reports of suspected adverse reactions in systems due to installation or product-specific deficiencies. The AVDG staff are consistently testing and reporting on installation and our management team evaluates the installation and product performance to ensure overall reliability and above expectation performance.

with the AVDG vigilance program, you can expect:

mastery & testing

Our proprietary vigilance stations are housed in our support centers across the nation. This is where we master comprehensive system design, fully assembling and relentlessly testing every component of your build before we install it.

remote monitoring

The vigilance status means you receive dedicated, 24/7 remote system monitoring and on-call client support, meaning that we are available to address any issue or question you might have, around the clock.

preemptive service

Our systems are installed with a patented “machine-learning” process that allows us to preemptively address many common issues that would otherwise require a service visit. This means that we can almost anticipate an issue and fix it before you would even have noticed.