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living better

Premium water quality is a must-have in every home. Homebuyers and residents are looking for living spaces that prioritize health and wellness in the design and function. That’s why AVDG utilizes Delos systems for water purification and other wellness features, which can also be integrated into a home’s other automation systems.

the intelligent water solution

With DARWIN Home Wellness Intelligence from Delos, you can expect cutting-edge technology backed by science. This whole-home water filtration system eliminates pollutants and toxins so that families can enjoy nothing but pure and safe H20 for drinking and washing. AVDG specializes in installing and integrating this essential wellness system with home automation.

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Troon Pacific

whole home wellness

The home environment has a significant impact on residents’ health. Superior water treatment can prevent illness while also improving water’s taste and feel. AVDG’s home wellness applications can also deliver advanced air purification, circadian lighting, and a smart sound system that optimizes the environment. Homeowners benefit from having more energy and mental well-being, better quality sleep, and increased immunity.

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AVDG residential custom solutions

backed by vigorous research

Our Delos systems utilize the best peer-reviewed research to develop and test industry-leading technology that prioritizes health and safety. These systems have earned the WELL Health-Safety Seal and deliver solutions that can put your mind at ease.

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Vermont Ski House

custom design

At AVDG, we’re known for our unparalleled service when it comes to designing and installing home automation solutions. We help our partners identify exactly what they need for residential applications. Whether you want basic water filtration or a whole wellness system, we can deliver the right solution based on your needs, budget, and preferences.

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the AVDG home automation way

smart home integration

With over two decades of experience in the industry, we specialize in smart home solutions. Water filtration and other wellness solutions can be integrated with other home automation features, including lighting, shading, security, climate control, and entertainment. Settings adjust automatically where applicable, and residents can monitor and control their systems through a single integrated application, supported by intuitive user interfaces. Living well has never been easier.

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why choose AVDG?

AVDG’s consultative approach sets it apart as an industry leader in AV and smart home systems. We’ve worked with hundreds of homeowners and residential partners on single-family homes, multi-dwelling units, and condos to create custom solutions with integrated, easy-to-use technology. Contact us to discover how whole home wellness with Delos can work for you.