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We’re a recently-reinvented audio visual systems design and installation firm. We have assembled a team of talented, experienced and fun individuals who are already very happy to be working together doing something we love: “geeking out” on equipment and software. We love A/V so much it’s also our hobby. As if working all day doing this stuff wasn’t enough, in our free time we design remote controls, mess with our car stereos, archive our music collections, rewire our homes, record music in studios, play video games, go to concerts, supply technical support to friends and relatives and of course, watch TV.

Every so often we’ll be posting some insights, witticisms, rants, stories and musings – often relating to the audio visual industry directly (“How come my plasma monitor won’t turn on but flashes the red LED instead?”), frequently relating to the field indirectly (“How high a resolution is really necessary on my 90-year-old grandmother’s new laptop?”), and occasionally not at all (“The pastrami sandwiches at the shop near our office are a little dry.”). All of the preceding questions are issues we’ve recently dealt with by the way.

Feel free to check in here on the blog page and contribute to the conversations. We welcome and encourage feedback and comments – at the end of the day, we’re really just trying to build a better mousetrap… or a/v system. (Hmm… we wonder if there’s a setting on our Clearone mixer that puts out an audio signal capable of repelling mice…). We have frequent discussions around here about approach to system design, equipment selection, physical and graphical user interface design, simplicity of system use, future-proofing, display configuration and placement, and how to make a finished space look cleaner by improving on our physical installation standards. Here at the blog, we’ll be having these same discussions, but with (or at least near) you, the nice people of the internet. These concepts affect the industry as a whole and we always recognize and try to learn from positive design aspects of existing systems we come across, as we also strive to set a positive example for our colleagues. It is our view that the audio visual industry is a community and we much prefer a culture of collaboration and participation to one of fierce competition (although a little healthy competition builds character, as our dads used to say). And let’s not forget about the people for whom we design these systems – the users. Without input from users we’d be putting together a/v systems that are about as useful to the average person as a space shuttle (which is why we abandoned that lunar module we had been making out of old CRT projectors and PictureTel units). In that spirit we’re hoping to facilitate some great discussions that can help us as an industry take advantage of our imaginations, as well as yours.

Welcome to our blog.
Enjoy, ponder, laugh, discuss.
We’re very happy to be here.

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