a healthier place to work

The spaces where we work every day have a profound impact on our well-being. And amid a global pandemic, it’s never been more vital to maintain a safe, healthy work environment. AVDG offers research-based innovations that transform commercial spaces into vehicles for wellness, improving employee health, mood, and performance.

adapting to the new normal

Returning to shared workspaces has forced businesses to rethink their approach to employee well-being. Physical environments must be reconfigured to prevent viral transmission and protect your essential workers, while also making people feel good about coming to work every day.

In partnership with Delos™, AVDG is helping businesses adapt to this new normal with data-backed solutions that promote physical and emotional well-being, including:

built for human performance

Our solutions extend far beyond the immediate response to the pandemic, helping people thrive in their work environments. AVDG and Delos™ leverage research data from building and health sciences to create customized solutions that improve health and wellness in any commercial setting.

Our holistic environmental solutions are designed to deliver a positive health impact in several key areas: cardiovascular – respiratory – immune – cognitive.

healthier, happier employees

Employee wellness is achieved by optimizing indoor environmental conditions and implementing strategic building policies. In-room design features and services work together to support human health, while also enhancing employee productivity, engagement, and morale.

Wellness benefits can include: increased energy – reduced stress – enhanced mood — improved focus – boosted performance

how it works

Every workspace is unique. AVDG customizes your commercial wellness solution according to the specific needs and objectives of the environment. Our experts assess your space, providing actionable strategies for optimizing the physical space, as well as building protocols.

Integrated environmental solutions can include: – air purification – water filtration – dynamic lighting & shading – automated thermal comfort – ambient sound & noise reduction

safer, more comfortable workspaces

Together, these subtle-yet-powerful solutions address the key factors in which physical environments affect your employee well-being: health, stress, performance, and comfort. In-room features like dynamic lighting help to restore the body’s natural rhythms and lift moods. Water and air purification systems eliminate the contaminants that pose a threat to your employees’ health. Ambient sound and other elements help increase productivity and create a more comfortable place to work.

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