what a smart home looks like

on 11.14.22

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When you think of today’s smart homes, what do you picture?

Maybe some WiFi lightbulbs? A thermostat that you can control from your phone? A camera doorbell?

These are certainly some of the most common Internet-connected devices in homes today, but these technologies have already been around for more than a decade. Today’s smart homes are more intelligent than ever, integrating more devices to create fully connected ecosystems that are automated, dynamic, and responsive to our lifestyles.

But what exactly does that look like in practice? Here are just some of the possibilities.

dynamic lighting that welcomes you home

Imagine returning home at night after a long day at work. But instead of entering a dark house, your home lights up as you pull into the driveway. 

With location-aware automation, the lights in your home sense when you’ve returned, so they turn on to greet you and guide you to whichever rooms you typically spend time in after coming home from work. For example, you can have your kitchen lights turn on automatically when you get home, so you can begin making dinner. Or maybe you prefer the living room to be well lit, so you can unwind in front of the TV.

All of this is easily programmable with routines, so that the lighting only activates when you want it to, such as when you return from work or wake up in the morning. 

Your smart lighting can also be programmed by schedule alone – in case you want your exterior lights to turn on at the same time every night, for example. Plus, some lighting can dim or brighten automatically based on the available amount of light in the room – so you don’t have to bother with the switches.

designer window shades that lower automatically at dusk

Imagine you’re putting on a movie after dinner, but the sun’s going down and you want some privacy. With light-sensing smart shading, you don’t have to manually pull any cords or touch window treatments at all if you don’t want to. They can be programmed to lower automatically in the evening and raise again in the morning, based on the amount of available light.

Even without light sensors, smart shades are still incredibly convenient in a number of ways. Motorized operation makes it effortless to raise and lower the shades. And, they’re whisper quiet, so they don’t distract from conversations, the TV, or whatever’s happening in the room. You can program the shades by schedule or routine, so they only activate when you want them to.

Finally, just because these shades are high-tech doesn’t mean they have to be boring. When you partner with AVDG, you’ll work with an experienced shading designer who can help you select from a wide range of attractive styles and fabrics to fit your interior aesthetic. 

locks and security systems that keep your kids safe after school

Imagine having the peace of mind that your child returned home from school safely. Imagine receiving a notification when they entered the home or being able to speak with your child through a camera system at the front door. Imagine being able to check to make sure the doors are locked and the security system is activated – all from your phone, while you’re sitting at your desk at work. 

All of this is easily possible with today’s smart home technologies. You can fully integrate security systems, locks, cameras, and two-way communication systems to achieve the ideal layer of safety and security for your family. 

music or podcasts that perk up your morning routine

Imagine having your favorite music, news, or podcasts automatically play when you make coffee in the morning. No need to fumble with your device to find your preferred station. With home automation, your favorite content can begin playing automatically when you enter the room or at the time you set.

The morning routine is just one possibility. Remember how we said the lights can turn on when you return from work? Music can be part of the same automated routine, so that your home has the perfect ambiance when you walk in the door after a long day. 

Plus, with distributed audio systems, wireless speakers, and outdoor sound systems, you can enjoy this music anywhere in your home, inside or out.

warm, cozy heat every time you return home

We mentioned above how your lighting, shading, and audio systems can all welcome you home automatically as you enter the driveway. But if your home is chilly or too hot, then these comforts will only go so far. That’s why today’s smart homes are best integrated with advanced climate control systems. So that your home is always the perfect temperature, whether you’re returning from work, waking on a Saturday morning, or having guests for dinner.

Your climate control systems can be fully automated based on schedules, routines, and other factors. And making manual adjustments is as simple as tapping a few buttons on your smartphone or using your voice.

easy control from anywhere

One of the greatest benefits of a smart home is that you don’t even need to be home to control it. You can control any of the connected technologies in your home from your personal device or computer, even if you’re thousands of miles away.

For example, imagine getting on a plane and suddenly realizing you forgot to lock the back door. No problem: simply tap your phone. Or imagine you’re stuck at work and you find out that your weekend guests will be arriving several hours early. Simply use your phone to turn on the lights, set the ideal temperature, and even give your guests a temporary access code to unlock the front door. 

But also, you don’t need to be miles away to enjoy these conveniences. Often, it’s just nice to be able to adjust the thermostat, turn on a light or lower the shades without having to get up from the couch.

That’s what today’s smart homes look like: ultimate convenience, control, and simplicity, perfectly matched to your lifestyle.

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