what is an intelligent office design?

on 07.16.21

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An intelligent office encourages its employees to work smarter – not harder. Designed to elevate the office space with the best technology tools, intelligent office designs improve the overall employee experience by increasing employee retention rates and reducing employee stress.

benefits of an intelligent office

The demand for intelligent, ergonomic, and efficient offices that reinforce and reimagine company culture is greater than ever before. Research suggests that companies that invest in a workplace design that aligns with their culture benefit from increased productivity and overall growth. Intelligent office designs incorporate many elements such as floor plan, color, texture, AV equipment, office security, lighting and shading control, climate control, and secure data networks. These technologies enable smooth communication, harmony among teams, and creative collaboration.
The following features are some integral components to an intelligent office that help control almost everything, from lighting to video conferencing.

AV solutions

Especially with the rise in remote work, there is a shifting preference for office technology that allows for flexible and remote work environments. Because visual cues are an important element in effective communication, state-of-the-art video and audio conferencing systems strengthen communication between coworkers and clients in different locations. Make sure your company has properly installed tools for conferencing: clear video, screen-sharing capabilities, and surround sound systems.
With intuitive devices that facilitate seamless collaboration from anywhere, AVDG’s audio and video conferencing solutions simplify communication while delivering brilliant imagery. Our solutions can help your employees communicate effortlessly with unparalleled clarity and with other presentation tools like digital whiteboards, signage, and video walls. We can help build an inspiring atmosphere within your conference rooms to digitally empower your employees and impress your clients, wherever they are in the world.

climate control

Some employees prefer hot temperatures, while others prefer colder temperatures. With a variety of different preferences, it can be hard to find the ideal temperature for everyone. Fortunately, smart technologies have made it easier than ever before. Employees can now have climate control throughout the office, which not only increases comfort but also saves energy.

AVDG’s intelligent climate control systems detect usage patterns, preferences, and regulate temperature accordingly. Our systems are perfectly crafted to manage the climate in spaces ranging from corporate offices to warehouses with temperature-sensitive products. Climate control systems empower your office to be more efficient, secure, and cost-effective while increasing the comfort of your employees.

lighting and shading control

Light creates natural focal points and sets the tone of each space with the view they provide. Because of this, window design and treatments are some of the most important factors in the overall design of a home or office. Custom lighting and shading systems not only ease the eyes but also reduce energy costs throughout the office. Attractive window treatments, coupled with high fidelity sound and lighting that eases the eyes and intellect, elevate a space from ordinary to extraordinary.

An intelligent office solution boosts a positive work culture promoting harmony among the employees. It connects every individual as a team with a better flow of communication, leading to lower employee turnover and higher returns for the company.

our approach

For more than 20 years, AVDG has created the most sophisticated, intuitive, and reliable environments, fostering simplicity in each home and office. We partner with you to identify the right solutions based on your space and needs. Our experts will bring your vision to life, making valuable recommendations that enhance your environment and maximize your investment. Discover innovative AV solutions that will empower and elevate spaces. Contact us today to begin your initial consultation by visiting our website, calling us at (866) 985-2834 or emailing us at [email protected].