window treatment options for every room in your home

on 01.15.19

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It seems the home of the future is already here, with homeowners adjusting their thermostats from their smartphones and calling out questions and requests to virtual home assistants. With all that technology available to you, we have a question: are you still opening your blinds by hand? It may be time for an upgrade to window treatments more in keeping with your tech-savvy lifestyle.

Automated shades and blinds give you control over your privacy as well as the amount of light coming into your home. By controlling the light, you’ll give your home the ambiance you want, but you’ll also protect your belongings from sun damage. Additionally, you can use your shades or blinds to help manage the temperature in your home, which means savings on your energy bill. Unlike traditional blinds and shades, which can sometimes be difficult to adjust, motorized window treatments can be adjusted with the touch of a button, using the remote control. In fact, motorized shades and blinds are even programmable.

These benefits would be enough to warrant the installation of motorized window shades or blinds, but there’s more to them than that. Stylish, sophisticated, and technologically advanced, they can be configured in colors and styles that complement your home’s décor. At AVDG, our friendly staff can help you choose the right color fabric, and texture, while helping you choose the right motorized window treatments to provide the convenience and control you want. No matter what your aesthetic sensibilities may be, we’ve got the shades and blinds for every room of your house.

To choose the right window treatment, we consider the look of your home, taking into account walls, flooring, and furniture in order to select the best colors and designs to complement your existing décor. Which kind of window treatment you choose depends largely on the room you’re outfitting. Blackout blinds, for example, maybe more appropriate for a bedroom than for the living areas of your home. We have several different types of motorized window treatments from which to choose.

Choose AVDG

When you’re ready to update your window treatments, AVDG is ready to help, with technologically advanced options for every room of your home. Over the past twenty years, AVDG has become a major provider of residential and commercial technology systems. We work hard to make technology more accessible, bridging the gap between possibility and reality to make complicated systems easy for ordinary people to use. Whether you live in a small house or operate a large office complex, we can provide you with features and convenience that will make using your space more efficient and enjoyable and even more eco-friendly. For more information, visit our website or call us at 866-985-2834 to learn how we can help you utilize the technology that’s right for you.