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the perfect balance of automation & aesthetic

Natural light plays a fundamental role in the ambience and comfort of a home. Similarly, the design and texture of your window treatments affects not only the light in a room but also the overall look and feel of the space. This is why it’s so important to select window treatments that are easy to control and perfectly matched to the environment. With automated window treatments from AVDG, you can enjoy the perfect balance of designer aesthetic and automation to make your life simpler.

whisper-quiet motorized shades

AVDG’s custom window shading systems can transform your space, creating a more comfortable living environment, while also making the window treatments easier to control. Shades can be opened and closed with a single button-tap or voice command, or they can be completely automated based on the family schedule, routine, or sensors that detect the amount of natural light in the room. Best of all, the shades are whisper-quiet, so they’re never a distraction.

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effortless comfort

With shading systems from AVDG, adjusting your window treatments is as simple as pressing a button on your smartphone, remote, or wall switch – or you can simply use your voice. Our solutions give you total control from your fingertips, via a simple interface, without leaving the sofa.

automated living

AVDG’s automated window treatments shading systems can adjust light levels automatically, based on how much natural light is available. You can schedule to open and close anytime you want, so you never have to worry about remembering to close the shades when you’re absent or when it’s dark outside. Or, you can program them according to certain routines, like “working from home” or “dinner party,” to achieve your desired lighting and ambiance for those activities.

endless possibilities

Discover a wide range of shades, curtains, and blinds to find the perfect window-treatment solution for your space. Select from varying levels of light filtering, from black-out shades to sheer fabrics that maximize natural light while still offering privacy.

expert design and installation

Our experienced shading experts will help you find the perfect window treatments for your space. When you’re ready to install, our skilled installers will handle everything for you, from the measurements to the final installation.

why AVDG?

AVDG is a leader in dynamic lighting, automation, and audio-visual solutions. Founded in 1996, we have completed more than 650 lighting control projects for residential environments across North America. Our unmatched expertise and consultative approach are what set us apart. We proudly employ a diverse team of highly skilled professionals who ensure impeccable results for every project.