your guide to intelligent office design

on 01.28.18

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When we think of intelligent offices, homes, buildings, etc., it’s often the great automation technologies and gadgets of the day that come to mind. Intelligent office design is more than about gadgets and unified controls. Nonetheless, these are important, and what AVDG offers will be discussed in more detail later.

How do you plan today’s intelligent office? That is what we will focus on here, plus the trends and products of the day that will help you maximize the functionality and versatility of your office, no matter what industry it serves.

planning for intelligent office design

Financial success is often the primary objective for companies. Many have traditionally created and encouraged a high-pressure work environment that can take its toll, but more than a few are now realizing the perks of addressing the needs of employees. Organizations that lack employee engagement, according to statistics compiled by Harvard Business Review, see:

  • 18% lower productivity
  • 16% lower profitability
  • 37% less job growth
  • 37% higher absenteeism

Workplace stress has a major impact on employee health. The publication also noted that high-pressure employers spend 50% more on healthcare expenditures, 80% of doctor visits are related to stress, and 60% to 80% of workplace accidents result from stress to some degree. It’s long been known that stress is correlated with a higher risk of heart disease, decreased immunity, and other health issues.

Bosses and upper management are increasingly understanding that employee health and engagement are important to their companies. How do they manage a less stressful environment, yet keep their workers productive? Digital signage from AVDG can be used in many ways, from advertising to disseminating information to employees, but there are many other things to think about.

Planning a well-designed, productive office requires considering:

  • layout: A good layout starts with a detailed floor plan. You can draw one from scratch, but there are many software options that offer templates or opportunities to design freely, so room size, walls, and doors, windows, and furniture can be tweaked before moving anything. Modern office layouts range from traditional to more open, casual to formal. It’s important to decide which one you want to try and to keep a record of the original layout to maintain a record of what does/doesn’t work.
  • design: The walls, floor, and ceiling of your office can be finished once your layout is complete. Do you want a formal tile arrangement or rustic wood finish, or perhaps a comforting carpet on the floor? The paint color you choose impacts the mood greatly. Brighter colors add more energy, but cooler ones can invoke a sense of calmness and harmony and help employees strive for their goals while being less likely to be held back by stress. Planning involves a lot of thought, but, once again, 3D visualization software for office planning can simplify the process and reduce costs.
  • fixtures/furniture: The desks, chairs, workstations, shelving, lounge seating, and other furnishing elements (and their arrangements), are key aspects of intelligent office design. Their type and configuration depend on the type of office and the function you expect. You’ll also need to think about where task lights will go. Meeting and reception rooms, for example, may be enhanced with decorative lights that can improve your design strategies and workplace productivity.

what AVDG offers

Although not the only one, technology is an important aspect of intelligent office design. Collaborative, flexible, and productive work environments require more than great layouts and a comfortable workplace. You can integrate modern lighting, video walls, ambient music, and even motorized window treatments, locks and security systems, and electronic signs, but a means to control them is needed to maximize their benefits. This is where AVDG’s office automation systems come in.

Intelligent office design is the focus of an electronic control solution that simplifies management of various office functions. In fact, one can control lighting, temperature, music, and blinds from a single touchscreen device, or even their tablet, computer, or smartphone. Smart Office Technology from AVDG also provides authorized users with access to the office security system. You can lock the system or keep tabs on video surveillance, even if out of the office.

In addition to productivity, you can improve efficiency by taking the helm with climate control—but that’s not all we offer. Our digital signage greatly reduces the demand for paperwork. It is highly effective at delivering the messages you want to send. These digital signs are ideal for advertising, so you can attract, inform, and reach potential customers or clients by displaying:

  • Welcome messages
  • Informative messages and graphics
  • Animated graphics
  • Current events
  • Instant information
  • Company branding

Digital advertising saves time and money and can be just as easily controlled as office security, lighting, and temperature. It’s an effective way to transform an office to one of the future. On the other hand, it’s not our only solution that can help you achieve this goal. Our office lighting control systems, temperature controllers, audio automation systems, audio and video distribution, climate control, office security, and video conferencing systems are all components we can help you integrate into your modern intelligent office design.

AVDG provides state-of-the-art products. We also employ a process that helps organizations consider multiple solutions in their office modernization plans. To learn more about our award-winning company, its services, and the projects we’ve achieved, visit our website, request a consultation, or call 888-505-1922.